Flat Monday! Free Single Page Website Template for Business Site

Sep 09, 2013

All team members of TemplateMonster are big fans of new trends that emerge on the web. Flat design (which is the current buzz) couldn’t be an exception.

Looking through all that cool Pinterest boards dedicated to flat trend, we decided to create something worth featuring here and there too. And, it’s happened! Please welcome the new Free Single Page Website Template in Flat Design.

This theme reflects all the key points of flat design principles: simple look, clear forms and lines, several types (Arial, Signika) with the idea of simplicity, faded color palette.

Features You'll Get in the Theme:


Deep Dive into Free Single Page Website Template

So, what makes this theme flat and awesome? You’ll certainly notice that it's flat due to the strong focus on color. Each page of this template is marked with a certain color (deep and faded at the same time), and all of them are typical for flat design. Overall, it gives a pleasant visual effect and welcomes the viewers.

The theme’s look is accomplished with carefully chosen typefaces: simple and effective. They work as triggers against the colored background, pushing attention to other types of content.

Simple buttons, featured areas, and contact form – all these elements are a part of flat design approach.

The implementation of text slider is a "shticking point" of the home page that boldly communicates company’s ideas to the viewers.

Single page layout was specifically chosen for this theme, as it supports the idea of flat design trend. It gives the ease of browsing to the whole layout. Plus, the navigation is facilitated with back-to-top button.

The topic of this theme is business, but you can customize the template according to the preferences of your company. See how it works in action and get inspired with its look before you start working with it.

 Free Single Page Website Template

Live Demo Download

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2013-09-23 23:19:00

I just received resource. thanks a lot!

2013-09-17 09:39:00

thank you for sharing. i spend a lot of time looking for templates that i can use to create websites using Bootstrap framework or Twittstrap [Flat Version of Bootstrap]

2013-09-10 04:12:00

Thanks alex! I will try to make these changes ...

2013-09-10 04:23:00

You're welcome:)

2013-09-09 09:03:00

Nice template but it is not responsive and now everyone wants responsive site. You can blush iventare responsive?

2013-09-10 02:38:00

Hey Samuel! Well you can make it responsive on your own. Use this http://blog.templatemonster.com/2012/10/18/coding-responsive-layout-tips-tricks/

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