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Free St. Patrick’s Day Wallpapers

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It's St. Patrick's Day today and we have suddenly found ourselves struck by a sudden touch of Irish inspiration (yeah, that's what we call this sort of inspiration). And the only way to fight this inspiration (yeah, sometimes you have to fight it) was to design something that would be a) free and b) in Celtic and St. Patrick's Day style. Which is exactly what we did and are now happy to present here.

Alright, what we're trying to say is that today is the day of holiday freebie from TemplateMonster - this time we're giving away the Irish style wallpapers, each made in two variants - for desktop computers and for iPhone. Check out these wallpapers below, feel free to click to see them in full size and save them.

Wallpaper #1 - Clover

Desktop version:

free st. patrick wallpaper - clover

iPhone version:

free st. patrick iphone wallpaper - clover

Wallpaper #2 - Beer

Desktop version:

free st. patrick wallpaper - beer

iPhone version:

free st. patrick iphone wallpaper - beer

There are no watermarks or the "designed by" signatures on them - we decided that even though it's ok to promote how awesome we are, today is not quite the best time for it. So these wallpapers are totally free and may be used for all desktops without limitations. The only limitation is as usually - make sure you don't resell them as that's against principles of TemplateMonster not to mention the festive mood of St. Patrick's day.

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  1. Good share! Something to make the phone and computers colorful for the timely season. Thanks Template Monster for sharing!

  2. Thanks Template Monster, very well received by our team. Cheers!

  3. Hehe very nice. Saved some of them!

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