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Free Set of World Cities Icons for Your Travel Agency Site

Travel Icons
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Do you like to travel? New places, new cultures, and new experiences save us from professional burnout and fill us with positive energy.

Maybe you own a tour agency or are designing a travel website for one?

travel icons set

Would you like to save some time, effort and money in the process? We've got a good selection of freebies for you today.

Designers from Agente Studio created a pack of nice world cities icons that can be used for any website related to traveling.

What will you find inside the cities icons set?

They have incorporated 10 of the most gorgeous cities in the world into the package. Agente Studio didn't focus just on capital cities, but was striving to show the most recognizable visual symbols that represent different cities and which attract the tourists. To date, the set contains neat icons portraying New York, Sydney, Rome, Beijing, Paris, Agra, London, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and Barcelona. However, the agency is planning to add more cities to the set if it proves interesting to the audience.

travel icons set
The set will be delivered to you in two graphical versions: line version of the icons and icons in the form of stamps.
travel icons

Stamps version

travel icons

How can you get the icons?

Just fill in the simple form below and get the download link. Please feel free to download the world cities icons set, use it wherever you see fit, but keep in mind that you have no right to sell them.

Thanks for reading this brief article, hopefully, it brought you some value. May your travel website designs be outstanding.

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