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Oct 25, 2010

Do you remember websites you have particularly enjoyed visiting recently? What did you like about them?

We can suppose that the first thing you paid attention to was their well-done layout. Visual effectiveness is the key point that helps to express the ideas effectively and make them memorable.

Actually, the success of the project starts with this impressive layout and professional execution. The process of creating a website involves a lot of time and work, but we can help you to make it easy with today’s freebie.

Free Website Template for Business Project:

Download with PSD Download without PSD

Katarina Klementi
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2010-10-29 08:00:00

thanks Katarina XD , The free websites templates are the best way to share about of your topics and too to share about of your business.

2010-10-26 16:06:03

thanks Katarina XD

2010-10-26 02:45:21

Great Template...!! I want to use it in Drupal Open Source Plateform. How can I do that? Do I need more coding on that? Anyway, thanks for that and still want more from template monster. You Rock..... the web world.....

2010-10-25 22:43:29

Nice template tell me please how Can i use it in Joomla .

2010-10-26 07:58:12

No Sanjay, I'm afraid not. It's an HTML template so it's not exactly suitable for Joomla.

2010-10-25 15:42:27


2010-10-25 10:08:33

can i use this for a commercial project?

2010-10-25 09:22:02

nice template when viewed here, but all is scaled so large for most businesses. the navigation and masthead takes up the entire screen. also, there are 9+ bugs detected, and since i use templates because i am not experienced coder, i do not know how to fix the bugs. i cannot even think of using this template because of the errors and the problems it might cause, but hey i guess that's why it's free, right? i expect that the other comments i read are manufactured and posted by the site's sales department, not folks that are really wantng to use the products.

2010-10-26 01:32:03

Suzanne, we don't provide support on free templates, sorry. However we'd appreciate if you told us what exact bugs you've detected. We do provide support on paid templates though, no questions about that. Please feel free to browse the collection of our paid templates and if you'll want we'll even provide a discount exclusively for you. Thanks.

2010-10-25 08:52:50

I m a small developer from the Valley of Kashmir and i m amazed about the way template monster has been coming up with free and especially premium templates that have unmatchable quality and standard ........kathy you rock

2010-10-25 08:03:54

Thank you for the nice template!

2010-10-25 07:18:29

Hi Katarina. Thank you for this nice template. It is a nice modern and high quality theme. I am looking to use it in one of our next projects.

2010-10-25 07:02:54

Kathyy the template is great, thanks a lot. Please put an online demo of these free templates, otherwise we can not see them in action before downloading. BTW Thanks again.

2010-10-26 03:16:49

Noyan, we add demos only for CMS-powered templates (such as WordPress for example, or Joomla or anything else that's not HMTL). The reason we don't add demos for HTML templates is because they're still free - you may download a template without PSD sources and see them in action.

2010-10-25 06:43:49


2010-10-25 06:21:30

Thanks! Nice clean business like website! Only the sliced up planet earth looks a bit weird... Does this refer to that total distruction story about the year 2012? ;)

2010-10-25 05:26:14

great template Katarina, thank you!

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