Free Website Template for Yoga Center. Full JavaScript

Sep 12, 2011

We hope that you have been waiting for the new portion of our autumn cool templates with anxiety. And here it comes!

Let’s start with the first one of September free website templates that are created with effective images and photos in the background – their characteristic feature of the month. We are glad to present you this Free Website Template for Yoga Center that certainly deserves your attention!

What special about this freebie is its Full JS animated features. Not long ago TemplateMonster has announced the launch of the newest collection of such templates and today you can get such a professional solution on the free basis. This theme resembles the Flash site, but its animation is done in JavaScript. Full JS animated theme is not as resource-intensive, as Flash one is, it can be easily modified for mobile devices - these are its main advantages over Flash site.

Using animation in JavaScript is a global trend for today, and you are welcome to try it in your own online project. This free website template is perfect for yoga center web presence. It you want to share with others healthy living practices, help people around achieve wholeness and healing, start your yoga project, and our theme will help you to achieve this goal. Don’t forget to check out its free template live demo.

Free Website Template for Yoga Center:

Download with PSD Download without PSD

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2011-09-12 14:57:00

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