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Game Play of Typography

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Adobe Photoshop is one of the most broadly used software. The reason why Photoshop has become so popular is because its amazing features enable an individual to create, edit and modify anything as per the requirements of the user. The abundant usage of photoshop is not limited to any particular industry - it is used by graphic designers, digital artists, and photographers for various design projects, such as designing game characters, business cards, etc. They use Photoshop day in and day out to manipulate and enhance the look and feel of images and graphics. And, if you are looking forward to using Photoshoptips, then you should know about the infographic features and the various tricks, tips, and fixes.

To begin with, this infographic contains ten fixes which can work wonders, and all you need to do is follow the instructions to get a better, improved experience while working with Photoshop. Whether it is working on the layer mask, handling the brushes or color coding the layers, you will be getting surprising results if you follow these fixes. And furthermore, they will help you save valuable time as well. Let's see how. There is one fix known as close all images fix, and it will enable you to close all your documents at once by pressing the shift-click.

The Game Play of Typography in Graphic Design

Versatile Fonts and Font Packs

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