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2nd Webinar for TemplateMonster Vendors. Recurring Revenue & Lifelong Income [May 29, 2018]

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The webinar will begin on May 29, 8 AM PDT

Did you watch the first episode of TemplateMonster webinars for vendors? How did you like it? Now, it's time to move further and dig deeper into the discussion of the real value that vendors can derive from selling their digital items in our marketplace.

Who can become a vendor in TemplateMonster digital marketplace?

  • Web developers;
  • Web designers;
  • Illustrators;
  • Movie-makers;
  • anybody else who's enthusiastic about the development of stunning web designs and earning money from their sales.

The second webinar from the series of educational videos for vendors will be different from what was highlighted in Part 1. now, as you are familiar with the structure of the vendor cabinet, the terms and conditions of joining the marketplace, as well as the general facts about the products you can sell, it's high time to proceed to the section that's of the biggest importance.

How to boost your earnings as a vendor?

Becoming a vendor in the marketplace is the life-long investment. Uploading an exclusive or non-exclusive product provides you with a steady flow of income and the growth of your personal ranking in the vendors' list. Depending on the type of digital products that you are going to sell no matter if it's a WordPress theme or a pack of illustrations, you can earn as much as 40% from each sale of the non-exclusive products, and up to 70% commission from every exclusive item being sold.

Traditionally, we'll end up with the Q&A part.

So, if there is anything that you would like to clarify or you have any sort of questions concerning the things that were highlighted in the webinar, you may feel free to drop a line while the story goes.

Does the possibility of earning recurring revenue sound luring to you? Subscribe now and we'll notify you about the beginning of the webinar in advance!

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