How to Generate and Add Google Maps API Key to Website (using JetElements plugin)

Dec 26, 2019
  1. What is a Google API key?
  2. Adding the Google API key to JetElements plugin
  3. A Few Words About JetElements Plugin

We would like you to get acquainted with a short step by step guide on how to add Google Maps API key to your website by the means of the JetElements plugin.

Add Google Map API Key to Website.

What is a Google API key?

Before we start, let us say a few words considering what an API key is.


An API key stands for an application programming interface key and is used as a unique identifier or as an authentication token for a project.


As for Google Maps API keys, if you planning to use Google Maps on your website, you will need to obtain your key for embedding a Google Maps widget.

Adding the Google API key to JetElements plugin

Here are the steps you need to make to generate and add Google Maps API Key to a website by using the JetElements plugin.


Step 1. For starters, log on to your dashboard. After that being done, find the Elementor in the WordPress Admin area and click on it.

Step 2. Choose Jet Elements Settings from the menu.

Choose Jet Elements Settings.

Step 3. There you will find the field for the API key. That’s exactly where you need to enter the API key right after you get one here.

Step 4. Navigate to the Google Cloud Platform Console and choose the project from the list of existing ones or create a new project to which an API key has to be added.

Step 5. When having opened the menu, go to API's & Services and pick Credentials. After that click on the Create Credentials and select API key. You will also need to activate the Google Maps API for this particular project with the help of the “Enable API” button. Then you will find your API key that should be copied to the clipboard.

Step 6. Return to the page with Jet Elements Settings, paste the key into the API key field and make sure you have saved the changes.

Jet Elements Settings.



You have just learned how easy it is to add Google API key to your website with the help of the JetElements plugin.

A Few Words About JetElements Plugin

About JetElements Plugin

If you use Elementor Page Builder for creating, editing and managing your WordPress website, you should know that JetElements is one of the best and, more importantly, most useful addons which can be purchased. Not only is it effective to build websites with the JetElements addon, it is also as easy as a piece of cake.


Thanks to a great variety of different useful modules and detailed documentation the addon will become the best friend for users of all levels, from professionals in web development to those people who have no coding background at all.

JetElements Plugin

Apart from a bunch of helpful and feature-rich modules, you get various WooCommerce elements that any online store needs. The JetElements plugin is WPML-compatible and constantly updated which means you get new elements regularly basis. On top of that, you can choose from multiple pre-designed home page templates and work with tons of pre-made blocks to build and customize your pages the way you want. And of course, efficient support is there for you 24/7.


The best thing is, as soon as you choose ONE Membership, you get the JetElements addon in a pack with numerous first-class WordPress, CMS and E-commerce themes, useful extensions, powerful plugins, unlimited downloads, professional 24/7 support and tons of other awesome things.


Join our TemplateMonster family today and enjoy the benefits a ONE member receives!

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