How to Create Google Slides Photo Slideshow

Oct 09, 2019
  1. How to create a slideshow in Google Photos
  2. How to create a slideshow in Google Slides
    1. Choosing a theme
    2. Extension for slides
    3. Google slides timing
    4. Accents on Google Slides
    5. Animations for Google Slides
    6. How to make a slideshow on android phone

Create Google Slides Photo Slideshow

Google is not only a huge corporation, a search engine, and a social network.  It is a large number of services that surround us almost continuously in the online environment. Google can be a tool with which you can implement your projects, and make your work faster and more efficient. For example, Google Photos is a service from Google which is designed to store, organize, and showcase your photos and videos. There are special mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as a web interface that works directly in the internet browser. You can also use Google Drive, Google Slides, Google Spreadsheets, or Google Documents for more efficient work.


This is a great opportunity to do everything online and not waste a lot of time on creating or editing a project in some offline environment.


With the help of Google services you can also create a slideshow. In this post we explain the ways to create a Google Slides photo slideshow. We are sure that after reading these short instructions you will succeed in making your own slideshow. In no time at all, you will be able to surprise your audience with beautiful and unusual slideshows.

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How to create a slideshow in Google Photos

Google Photos is a service designed to store, edit, and share photos and videos. Google Photos provides unlimited storage space for photos. Google Photos gives you great opportunities to search and sort photos and videos. Uploaded content is sorted according to different criteria: the location where photos are taken, as well as faces and objects depicted in the photo or video. It is also possible to sort photos or videos by yourself. And now we will tell you how you can make a photo slideshow by using the Google Photos service. It's very easy and fast to do. To create a Google Photos slideshow, you need to do the following:

  1. Sign in to your account and sign up for Google Photos. There you will already have a collection of photos. If you don't, you can add photos and create an album from those photos if necessary.
  2. Choose what you need from the sidebar. This can be Photos or Albums.
  3. Select the photo you want to start the slideshow with.
  4. By doing this you can also change the images. This means adding some interesting effects, or making basic photo settings (changing the brightness, color, and adding clarity of details). Here you can also rotate the image, crop it, etc.
  5. Next, click “Done” if you are satisfied with the changes. If not, click “Cancel Changes.” Also in Google Photos, you can compare photos before and after processing.
  6. Click “Additional Actions.”
  7. Select Slide Show from the list of additional actions.
  8. That's all! The photos themselves will switch. If they switch too quickly, you can pause or adjust the setting yourself.

How to create a slideshow in Google Slides

Google Slides is a great free program and a good tool for creating presentations. Google Slides is absolutely free. The main condition for using it is the presence of a Google account. To create the perfect presentation, you can use the ready-made templates. You can buy them on the official website of TemplateMonster. They offer a huge number of templates for different topics and purposes. All of them are easy to use, easily editable, and configurable.


Now we will tell you how to use Google Slides to create a slideshow. Basically, this is quite easy, but you need to do a little bit more, and at the same time pay attention to all the subtleties and features of Google Slides. We decided to divide the creation of the slideshow into several sub-items so that you could have a better understanding of each one.

Choosing a theme

This is one of the important criteria, because the appearance of your slideshow depends on the theme, especially if there is some text. Also, it depends on having the right template whether the audience will perceive the presentation the way you intend. As mentioned above, you can use TemplateMonster as a reliable resource with ready-made stylish and original themes. To add the selected theme to Google slides you need to:

  • Sign in to your Google account, and then click Google Slides.
  • From the control panel, select “Theme.” On the right side, you'll see a window where there are some prepared standard themes. At the bottom, you'll choose “Import Theme.”
  • Click on “Import Theme” and download the theme from computer.

Extension for slides

If you want to quickly create a presentation, you need to use additional apps for that. One of these add-ons is Photos-to-Slides. This slideshow extension will help you create slideshows quickly. This is a simple add-on that imports images from a specified "Google Photos" album or Google Drive folder.


The next extension won't make it easy for you to create slideshows, but it will help make them more exciting and unusual. With Unsplash Images, you can insert colorful photos directly into your presentations through the sidebar. Unsplash Images is a good source for free images. You need to install the extension, open it through the add-on menu, and the panel will show up with Unsplash search and preview images. One click on the desired image - and it is already on the slide.


Adobe Stock is another example of such extensions, which includes a large number of photos for any topic. It also needs to be installed and opened through the add-on menu.


These extensions work perfectly with Google Slides so you won't have any problems with installation and use.

Google slides timing

This is another aspect that needs to be considered when creating a slideshow. In order to set up the slideshow timing you need to:

  1. Select the File section from the main panel in Google slides.
  2. Select “Publish to the web” among the options available.
  3. Click on this option and you will see a window with the timing setting.
  4. In the Auto-advance slides, you can choose how many seconds or minutes you want between changing slides.
  5. You can also choose to Start the slideshow as soon as the player loads or Restart the slideshow after the last slide. It all depends on how you want your slideshow to look and play.
  6. Click Publish at the end.

As you can see, it's a very easy setup that won't take too long.

Accents on Google Slides

Often it is required to create presentations for foreign partners and companies. And as each language has unusual letters and symbols, you need to use special additional extensions. An example of such an extension is Easy Accents. With the help of Easy Accents you can insert special symbols from different languages into the text of the presentation through a convenient sidebar. This extension supports more than 20 languages. This also allows you to create your own set of symbols. In addition, Easy Accents has a separate item containing special mathematical symbols. With this extension, you can quickly add accents to Google Slides.

Animations for Google Slides

Adding animation is a great way to invigorate your presentation in Google Slides. You can use the animation for both slide elements and transitions between slides.


In order to make animation for a single object you need to do the following: (This also includes animation of the text as a separate element.)

  • Select an object on the slide by clicking on it.
  • On the main panel, click “Insert.”
  • Among all the insertion options, select “Animation.”
  • Select an Animation style from the first drop-down menu. There are a huge number of variations to choose from.
  • The second drop-down menu controls the switching of individual animations. You can switch animations manually by selecting "On click", or automatically by selecting "After previous" or "With previous".


To use the animation to transitions between slides, do the following:

  • Add the transition by clicking on the Transition button. As a result, the Animation panel will appear.
  • In the Slide menu, which is responsible for animation between slides, there are about 8 transition options available. Select one of them.
  • After that, you will be able to set the transition speed. Transitions can take from 0 to 5 seconds. Adjust the speed according to your preferences.
  • Select “Apply to all slides,” and if you want to see how it will look, click “Play.”

How to make a slideshow on android phone

Your phone has the same slideshow system, only because of the size of the screen you will need to turn on additional tabs, or search for the features you need. You can create a presentation using the built-in Google Slides, or if you don't have one on your phone, you can sign in online to Google Slides. The only requirement is that you have a Google account.


We would like to clarify how to enable the presentation on android phone. To do this, you need to click the “Play” icon. Next, with the proposed options for where to show the presentation, choose “On this device.” That's all! If you want to return to a slide for viewing, swipe left or right on the screen.

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