Green Color in Web Design [Infographics]

Jun 12, 2018

Just-launched Green Color in Web Design Infographics is the next great episode in the color psychology series we have started last week with Red infographics. Today you’ll learn about the most easy-on-the-eyes, calming and eco-friendly color in design.

Green Power

Nature, green lights, money – green color is everywhere. It’s the most common color in the natural world, and, what’s more important for us, in web design. With its power, and a variety of meanings (reliability, safety, growth, balance, etc.) its turns out to be the second most used after blue in web design.

Green is a mixture of yellow and blue. It takes optimism of yellow and emotional calm of blue.

Both informational and ecommerce sites make use of green color because of its effects and impact on the viewers. Of course, there are some spheres of business where green doesn’t work. Don't forget about this fact when designing a site.

The most interesting point is a variety of green shades, and the meanings they convey. When applying it in design, please note that each tint of green calls certain emotions. Taking it into account you can drive the target audience in, and manage their behavior. There is no mystery in it, only psychology of colors which has a power of boosting revenue. Make use of this color in your designs, and give your projects a green light.

* * *

And now take your Starbucks cup (with famous green sirene logo), enjoy your lucky day (by the way, the symbol of good luck is a green shamrock), relax, and have a look at the new infographics, of course, about green color.

Green Color in Web Design


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