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The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Ecommerce Websites

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In this new era of digital marketing, content is the king and content marketing is the present and future of marketing. Every e-commerce business is either switching to a digital plan of action or modifying its existing marketing strategies according to the newest digital marketing techniques.

Yes! Content is the essence of every marketing strategy. Content has the power to influence a reader or a viewer and convert them into a customer. Content marketing comes with its share of dilemma - plagiarism. However, including a plagiarism checker in your content marketing strategy can save you from copying others’ ideas and content.

What is Content Marketing?

To put it simply, content marketing is an approach that is focused on creating content that is relevant and valuable enough to influence and attract the audience and retain them to convert them into sales.

All content marketing strategies are formed to achieve specific objectives for an e-commerce business, such as building the brand value of an ecommerce business, converting an audience into customers, and maintaining customer relations.

Content marketing is a necessity for e-commerce websites today. Compelling content can help drive traffic to a website and grow business. Many e-commerce websites still do not understand the manifold benefits that a good content marketing strategy has. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 57% of marketers are still unsure about how an effective content marketing strategy can work wonders for their B2C websites.

So, if you are, like many others, wondering what the advantages of content marketing for your e-commerce business are, we will give you a list of them.

Drives Website Traffic

The greater your content is, the more likely is it to attract viewers and drive a lot of traffic to your website. Once you create the reputation of publishing relevant content through blogs and other modes of writing, visitors will keep coming back to your site more often.

Better Leads

In this new dawn of online buying, consumers choose websites that provide relevant information and then go on to making purchases. When a potential customer visits your website and finds content that gives them insight into your brand, they trust you more, and this creates better leads for your business.

Higher Sales

Better leads help you generate more sales – there is no rocket science involved in this simple equation. A good content strategy will belt out quality content and turn readers into buyers.

Builds Brand Image

Brand image is everything for your business. Engaging content enhances the brand value and authority of your website and helps you gain trust from potential consumers. With good content on display on your website, your customers are sure to come back to you and help you achieve brand loyalty.

Better Brand Recognition

With a stronger social media following and better website visibility, your business will have a better brand value and be trusted by many. And you know what this means, right? With more brand credibility, people will make a faster purchase decision, thus giving you the edge by converting leads faster than your competing brands.

Enhanced Customer Relationships

Your customers can make or break your e-commerce dream, and this is precisely what makes maintaining great customer relations a vital factor. In this new era of digitalisation, informative content can be used to take care of your customers' queries. Your website can have a section for FAQs where you clear their usual doubts. Great material also ensures better customer engagement. When one of your consumers likes a blog or a video on your website, they may share them or refer other people to read or see it.

Still skeptical about adopting a good content marketing strategy? Well, if you are not convinced yet, let us show you some Content Marketing Statistics:

  • 70% of people prefer to know a company through their articles and blogs than any other form of advertisement.
  • Content marketing generates thrice the leads as outbound marketing does. It also costs almost 62% less than any other form of digital advertising.
  • According to the Content Marketing Institute, 76% of B2C organisations are already using content marketing.
  • According to Hubspot, companies that have blogs on their website have 434% more indexed pages than the ones without blogs.
  • 77% of Internet users read blogs to know more about a company.

Most companies know the effectiveness of content marketing. However, they fail to come up with a strategy that suits their brand the best. So, now that you are convinced as to why you should get a good content market strategy for your e-commerce website, here are some tips for the same.

Use these brilliant tips to create the best Content Marketing Strategy

Research and Plan

You first need to understand the needs and requirements specific to your business. Every business is unique and has its share of goals and objectives. So understand your business module and your target audience before creating content.

Come Up With Unique Ideas

If you are publishing repetitive or un-engaging content, then the chances are high that you might end up losing some of your audience. Therefore, it is critical that you come up with fresh and original ideas. Make sure your creative marketing team comes up with appealing ideas that your audience will relate to. Also, remember that half the battle of an engaging blog is won when it comes with a smart and catchy headline.

Beware of Plagiarism

If your website has duplicate ideas or content on it, your SEO will be affected adversely, and you will end up losing valuable customers. Avoid copying content or unintended plagiarism by using efficient plagiarism checkers and tools.

Quality of Content

Before you adopt a content marketing strategy, you should know that quality is the ultimate king. So hire professional writers and editors who are familiar with SEO guidelines to ensure that the content produced for your website is top-notch. With digital marketing being the IT thing, there is a myriad of online tools that you can utilise to create content that is engaging enough.

Vivid and Illustrative Content

Remember how as a kid we found monochromatic text books boring? And at the same time we were attracted to books that came with vibrant pictures? This very same logic goes for online content. Everyone finds visually captivating content more engaging. So make sure that your creative marketing team includes images and pictorials in the social media posts and articles. You can use infographics too.

While most people have a misconception that written content is the only mechanism of content marketing, you must know that a good content marketing campaign is not limited to writing. So play around with your strategy a little so that things do not get monotonous for your users.

Here are some of the latest Content Marketing Trends that are sure to rule the year 2018.

Video Blogs vs Conventional blogs

Video blogging will take over written content. With high-speed internet eradicating the problems of buffering, people are choosing videos over written blogs any day. So if you do not want to miss out, start investing more on video content. Also, Live Videos are a thing now. It can be considered the best way for customer engagement. Use Facebook and Instagram to host live Q&A session and podcasts. You can also have an influencer do a product review video.

Colloquial Content

With voice search being the big thing of 2018, the language of the search terms will be more natural. So the content for your website should use more generic terms to get better search results.

Shorter and Crisper Content

We all are leading hectic lives, and we barely have time to go through lengthy blogs. We all prefer shorter content.

Content Transparency

It is the year 2018 and transparency is all you need. So before you make a post on your website or any of the social media platforms, be aware of the different consumer protection measurements to avoid future penalties.

With all the above information, we hope it will be a little easier for you to create a successful content marketing strategy. Wishing you luck on your endeavour!

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