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Extensive Guide on Creating a Persuasive Landing Page [Free eBook]

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Do you plan to launch a startup or already run an online business? Do you want to appeal to a wider audience and generate more leads and conversions on the web? Then a cleverly built landing page is your bets assistant. In a new eBook added to TemplateMonster's collection of freebies, you will learn about loads of design and writing techniques that you need to consider when building a persuasive landing page.

Unlike any other web resources that you launch, a landing page is created with the primary goal to convert. It targets to engage the audience once they land on the page and drive them towards conversion while making them take certain actions. As opposed to a fully-featured web resource, a landing page is made up of a single page aimed to get the users click through to your main goal. It's up to you to decide what actions you want your visitors to take. A golden rule that you need to follow is to define the primary goal and make all elements of the design focus on achieving it.

Free E-Book

The eBook includes answers to the following questions:

  • What are landing pages all about?
  • What tips to consider when creating a landing page?
  • How to write a compelling copy?
  • How to make a landing page work?

The eBook is already available for free download. Go ahead and grab it now.

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