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The History of eCommerce – Timeline Infographic

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If you ever wondered how the electronic commerce started, now we’ll answer all your questions!

Today’s awesome infographic that was diligently created by TemplateMonster provides you with a quick glimpse of how eCommerce has evolved over the years. Basically, the way it has been developing depends heavily on the technologies that have been contrived.

With that said, the past several decades gave birth to absolutely essential inventions that have rapidly changed the way retailers push their businesses online. The following infographic displays the uncommon spectacle of the eCommerce-related milestones, integrating the variety of interesting historical facts. Let’s dive a bit into some of them to see how eCommerce industry continues to improve and innovate up to the current days.

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  • Attila Fabian

    This timeline is just great!

  • Reaxtion

    That is awesome. Thanks!

  • Chris

    I am a teacher in Multichannel Marketing in the Digital Age at Johns Hopkins University. Can I use this? Can we speak about your research?

    • Bronson

      I agree. Nicely designed and very informative – I like this one.

  • The other Chris

    AOL and CompuServe should be in there somewhere. CompuServe had ecommerce in the early 80’s.

  • Yet another Chris

    Great overview!
    m-commerce sure is the next big challenge for today’s companies!

  • Faraz M.

    Quite informative, going to share with my friends.

  • Kevin from Toronto

    Quite interesting! As the rest of the world advances on ecommerce, it is a pity Canadians are still stuck in the dark ages in regards to ecommerce.

  • Matt

    It’s kind of a rip off of another ecommerce history infographic that went live a few months ago here:

    • Spotlight Direct

      kinda sorta maybe

    • Alex Flow

      Matt, I kinda see why you thought so – because both of them are about history. But as you can see all of our sources are specified in the infographic, and zippycart is not one of them. By the way the zippycart infographic is in fact very interesting too, we do admit that.
      Our infographic however is bigger and is mostly about technologies that have pushed eCommerce to where it is now. While the one from zippycart is about general eCommerce milestones.
      But even so, the history of eCommerce is a very vast field, both our and zippycart infographics combined are maximum 40% of all eCommerce history.

  • The other Chris

    Actually I think Mcommerce will be a bust. While the people making the sites are rushing their sites to the phones, the phones are rushing their browsers to the sites. The phone guys want their browsers to behave the same as a desktop version. The people that actually need those M sites are a shrinking audience. One of the things I hate about mobile sites is getting stuck on them when my phone is perfectly capable of using the regular site.

  • Spotlight Direct

    interesting, educational and attractive all in one

  • Franco

    Can I have this one for my office wall?

  • Ricardo Lopes

    You forgot to tell about OsCommerce!

    • Lilian Rigo

      We’ve actually mentioned the launch of osCommerce in the year 2000!

  • Andrew

    Interesting. I think Shopify worth to be included into this list too. Maybe they was not very first, but likely one of most simplest

  • Sari

    As the coordinator of a regional marketing group who puts on seminars and conferences about all forms of marketing – this time line is a great look back at where we have come from. May I have permission to reprint this in my digital newsletter???

    • Lilian Rigo

      Hey Sari, please feel free to use this infographic for your educational purposes, we give the go!

  • oko

    hello! can I translate this infographic and use in the work of a class?