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TemplateMonster How-To: Easy Way to Find a Template

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Since we are craving to write “How to’s” let’s speak about search features in TemplateMonster website, that will help you find the theme you need. TemplateMonster website got a really good and helpful search that includes multiple options, by narrowing them down you’ll be able to find anything you need.

Let’s start from the basic search options:

TemplateMonster search includes 6 major options, you can see them on the screenshot, further we’ll describe them giving more details:


This option includes 9 types of Website templates, created to ease the search process, by choosing one of these types you’ll be able narrow your search nine times, additionally you can pick preferable color scheme from the 12 offered variants. The search also includes the Keyword field, you can specify what you need, for ex. if you need wooden template type the word "wooden" into the field, hit Enter and the search will reveal all wooden themes.



The category option includes 60 categories that let you choose your specific field of interest:



The author dropdown includes nick names of TemplateMonster’s designers, if you are familiar with their oeuvre; the tick near the name will reveal each and every his/her creation:


Website Templates Categories page

Sidebar in Categories page includes additional parameters like Features, Functionality and Styles.


Add To Your Favorites

Also we would like to tell you about new feature implemented into TemplateMonster website it is Favorites. It's not hard to guess what it is, the feature allows to mark your preferable themes and keep them in touch. Each theme in the categories view contains a button in a shape of a heart, by default the hearts are blue

…but when the product is selected as favorite the heart turns red.

When you pick favorite items, at the bottom of the page appears small window showing "the chosen ones", additionally there are several sharing buttons including Facebook, Twitter and direct email sharing.


P.S. That’s all, searching the template you need, has never been that easy. These tips will help find any theme you need. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments section.

P.P.S. Additionally we will appreciate your feedback about TemplateMonster search functions, if you find any of them difficult for understanding or use, don't hesitate to express your opinion. Also, please share your opinion about the new Favorites function. Thanks in advance.