Top 5 HTML5 Frameworks for Mobile Development

Dec 02, 2011

With the lapse of time mobile devices hold excellent pace in their development and dictate their rules to the whole industry by forcing website owners and web developers adapt new standards and consider the responsive design principles. Also there is the other side of the problem - the development of cross-platofrm mobile applications and website interfaces.

It is a widespread situation when each and every website not only wants to have a mobile-compatible website, but also their own apps for iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android, or at least some extended functionality for a mobile website. Also there are millions of start-ups waiting for their big moment to become another "killer-app". If you ever decide to take chances in the field of creating mobile applications we think that our list of HTML5 frameworks for mobile development will be one of your primary assistants.



We start our list with the Chrome extension called Ripple. This very powerful, plain and easy-to-use software offers pretty impressive list of features. Now if you want to go with testing your mobile application Ripple will help you to test and debug the app on multiple platforms. Geolocation module is the spice of this software which allows you to test geolocation-related apps. Also you can apply this extension for Javascript debugging and Unit testing.



LungoJS is claimed to be the best HTML5 mobile framework so far and here are few reasons to consider this statement being true. The following framework is supplied with full features of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. It is a pretty universal tool that allows you to build everything you can imagine starting from geolocation apps to mobile games. You can implement such essential features as Geolocation, History, Device Orientation, WebSQL. Also this framework doesn't require any web server support.



Joshfire is an open source mobile development framework that supports HTML5 and Javascript. With the help of Joshifire you can create applications that run on multiple devices. It means that applications will work not only on iPad, iPhone or Android devices but also on TVs, and even connected objects. This is a very unique feature that marks Joshfire framework against the background of other HTML5 mobile development frameworks.



Yet another powerful framework that fully supports HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Now your app can be equipped with HTML5 video and audio components, localStorage element, CSS3 styling effects and many other great features. Don't forget that this framework allows you to create applications that support iOS, Blackberry and Android devices.



Our last open source mobile framework delivers you the ability to create a native-like application. Jo creates applications compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry and anything else that supports HTML5 Widgets. This framework takes all the best from the CSS3 technology by using it for solving design and animation issues.

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2012-01-22 12:25:00

html5 has provided new wings to mobile & web applications. Sencha touch is a good framework to develop html5 based mobile app.

2011-12-05 23:20:00

Let's try them one by one. thanks for the post!

2011-12-05 15:24:00

What about jquery mobile??

2011-12-04 23:46:00

This website is honestly a great resource for anyone can have. I am so grateful to have found it. Thank you guys for the sample templates and your blog.

2011-12-02 20:35:00

Glad to know about html5 frameworks.

2011-12-02 20:27:00

so... what is the best one?

2011-12-02 12:04:00

Just wondering no appMobi either?

2011-12-02 07:18:00

and where is jquerymobile 1.0??

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