How to Install Elementor WordPress Template?

We had two bags of WordPress Elementor themes, nine WordPress Elementor plugins, a few sheets of high-powered Jet Elementor templates, a dozen PRO Elementor templates, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored pure Elementor templates. Not that we needed all that for the marketplace, but once you get locked into a serious Elementor stuff collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

Elementor WordPress Template

As you probably already heard, TemplateMonster launched a separate, exclusive Elementor marketplace. At some moment in time, we couldn’t hide our collection anymore, so we decided to share it with the page builder fans. We presented themes, plugins, and templates, and, suddenly, met a little problem. Even though most of the Elementor-lovers know that Elementor themes and templates are not the same things, there are some newbies in the crowd, that can get confused with it.

Elementor builder wordpress themes banner

Theme VS template – what’s the difference?

Theme VS template – what’s the difference?
A theme is a thing every WordPress enjoyer is used to – a set of files that define website’s appearance. Elementor WordPress theme is a combination of elements, gathered into pages with a similar design, that is, besides that, compatible with Elementor page builder.

A template is a set of Elementor blocks (I mean not WordPress coded, but created in Elementor editor and specifically for it), combined and designed in a certain way. You need them to make the website designing process faster and easier. Typically, you will have to do everything from scratch: find the proper photos, define the look of the content area, and choose shapes and colors. It is certainly easier than doing it in the WordPress dashboard, thanks to Elementor, but a template can reduce the spent time twice – you get a ready-made set and don’t have to think about what elements you forgot to add (and if you need them at all).

So, now, when we figured out the difference, and you understand what a fantastic thing an Elementor plugin is, let’s go through the installation process.

If you are going to install the Elementor WordPress theme, you first need to opt for one. There are two options you can choose from. Purchase separate template for about $70-80 or get the ultimate pack of web elements and save money. Curious to know what the second option is? We are talking about ONE subscription service recently launched by TM developers. It comes with over 8,500 items and will cost you just $19 per month.

Inside the package, you’ll discover WordPress themes including those coming with Elementor editor, graphics, plugins, and another kind of templates. Be aware that you are not limited to use any of the elements for as many times as needed. Besides, applying promo code BecomeThe1 available for MonsterPost readers, you’ll get a 5% discount.

It’s time to install Elementor template

You get yourself a hosting, installed a WordPress, downloaded a theme and activated it (how to do all these steps you can read in our Building a WordPress website article). If you haven’t yet installed the Elementor builder (I think you already do, but just in case), go to Plugins > Add new and type “elementor” to the search bar. Push the “Install now” button and after that activate it.

Install now
Now the option of editing via Elementor is available for you when you open the new page or post creation section in the WordPress dashboard.
edit with elementor

Go to the Elementor Marketplace and get yourself a template. If you just installed the plugin, you will need a pure Elementor template. However, we have the PRO and Jet variants too. Choose a template you like and click on it to get more details. I’m going to use Marketz digital agency template, so I hit the “Get It Now” button.

Marketz digital agency template

When a template is already yours, there are two ways to install it: via WordPress dashboard or using Elementor functionality. To do it from the dashboard go to the Elementor > My Templates and click “Import Templates”.

Import Templates

The imported template will appear in a list, and you will be able to view and edit it with Elementor.

edit with elementor

The second way is to install it directly from the Elementor builder editing dashboard. When you choose to edit a new page with Elementor, the first thing you will see will be the adding panel; you will be asked to add a new section or a template. Hit the “Add template” button.

add template button

In the library, you can choose to go downloading available blocks or pages (some of them are free), but since you’ve already downloaded a template, go to “My Templates” bar.

my templates bar

If you haven’t downloaded anything yet, there will be only the smiling emoji marking the place where your templates would be. Hit a little button with an arrow in a circle (it is in the right corner) to import a template.

import template button

You can either choose a .json file from the folder of your PC directories or drag-and-drop a .json file into the marked area (in that case, make sure that the dashed line turns blue. Otherwise, the downloading process will not start).

select file

After the finish of the importing process, the template will appear in a list. All downloaded templates will be available there, no matter if you installed them via WordPress dashboard or Elementor functionality. From that list, you will be able to preview the template, delete and export it for further use. To start editing it, insert it to the page hitting the “Insert” button.

insert button

Voila! You have a ready-made page, containing all the necessary elements. You can edit them any way you like and change the content according to your business needs. All the elements are fully customizable and flexible. Have fun dealing with dozens of color, shape and fonts variations!

ready made page

As you can see – there’s nothing complicated it the process, Elementor gives you all the tools to make the website building fun and easy. It looks like a video game (almost like “The Sims”), and who doesn’t like playing video games?

Do you, personally, use Elementor? Have you ever tried to use templates, and did you like it? Please, share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’m always happy to discuss the themes I like, and I’m really in love with Elementor!

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