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10 Alternatives to Safari – iPhone Browsers

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First of all we want to say that Safari is indeed a great browser for iPhone (everybody knows that) and we are not going to argue with this fact.

Instead we thought that we'll just let you know of the alternatives - sometimes we all need them. And you know why? Because it is a really useful experience to compare and make your own conclusions. Of course current situation on the mobile browsers market still reminds of the battlefield where international software armies fight for the hearts of the clients.

iPhone audience is one the most whimsical ones and there is nothing surprising in that because this a style of this product - to give the clients more than what they may want. Nevertheless there are still some gaps in highlighting useful iPhone software (duh! sounds weird, doesn't it? To tell you the truth sometimes it looks like iPhone is more popular that the Internet itself). So today we are going to try to fill those gaps.

1. Opera Mini

iphone browsers - opera mini

The main rival of the Safari that has caused a media hurricane is Opera Mini mobile browser. It is perfect for slow connections and has such advantages as data savings (compress up to 90% of data traffic), speed dial (get to your favourite web sites with a single tap), user-friendly tabs (all your web pages are perfectly seen and you can quickly browse trough them).
Price: Free

* * *

2. Aquari

iphone browsers - Aquari

This browser's main feature is a security because this application is protected with an optional 4-digit password. Also there is an option for guest surfing - you have to use insert 1234 and this browser can be used in the guest mode. Aquari automatically cleans up all sessions data so you don't have to worry about the privacy.
Price: Free

* * *

3. iBrowse2

iphone browsers - iBrowse2

Yes, the name of this software says it all - you can browse two web pages at the same time. This is an awesome feature for sure. Other great functions are rotation lock, full screen mode and configurable home page, bookmarking your faves etc.
Price: $0.99

* * *

4. Incognito

iphone browsers - Incognito
This one is another great mobile web browser for the iPhone that will make your web surfing really secure and private. You can surf without leaving any traces. Just close the browser, and this "Mr. Bond" will erase the entire session info.
Price: $2.99

* * *

5. Magic Browser

iphone browsers - Magic Browser
Magic Browser allows saving documents for offline viewing (supports many popular formats including .xls, .doc, .txt, and major images formats). Also there is really handy option of copying/pasting blocks of text together and sending it to email. Despite those functions you can also enjoy creating your own home page, using tabs and so on.
Price: $1.99

* * *

6. Safe Browser

iphone browsers - Safe Browser

This software is claimed to be the safest web browser for iPhone. It is like Safari with extra super security options. Frankly speaking Safe browser has great filtering engine and it is perfectly suitable for the families and school-age children. So if you want to have filtered Internet at your iPhone you may find useful to install application.

Price: $4.99

* * *

7. Private Web

iphone browsers - private web

This is a great iPhone browser that offers amazing security. Some iPhone users are annoyed about having to manually clean their private data after each session. This little application will clear your cookies, site history, and cached images instantly. All you have to do is just push a home button.

Price: $0.99

* * *

8. Wide Web

iphone browsers - world web

This is a full screen web browser that has rotation mode, bookmarking function, screen capture management and so on. This web browser allows you to easily update your twitter account - and this is very important feature for all twitter fans. Also there is a great feature (similar to Google Chrome) where you can enter your search keywords directly into address bar.

Price: $0.99

* * *

9. Shaking the Web

iphone browsers - shaking the web

Shaking the Web was created to make life easier for those who like to read on the road. It means that this is a web browser with anti shake technology. Using this application you can easily read web pages while driving in the car (although we do not recommend reading while driving) or in the public transport.

Price: $0.99

* * *

10. Hot Browser

iphone browsers - hot browser

This is very simple and user-friendly web browser that will surprise you with the really original feature - if you shake your iPhone a random yet currently popular news web site is opened.

Price: $0.99

* * *

Well, this is it for now. Hopefully you'll enjoy this little list of alternate iPhone browsers. Each of them will surely find its fans. Thanks for being with us!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations, ill try some of them out…btw..cant anyone develop an app or something that converts flash content into something an iphone can read? we put a man on the moon in 1969…you think we can manage this..

    1. Flash CS5 will export to native iPhone app. Download trial at

  2. Anything for BlackBerry Storm 2 !?!? 🙂

  3. Is there a version of FireFox for iPhone?

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