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JetElements: Build a Better Website With Our New Elementor Add-on

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We have recently announced that our templates now include the Elementor page builder now. We are currently working on making it happen, but we are too ambitious to confine ourselves to a simple usage of an additional extension. We cannot stop ourselves from adding more of the great functionalities and simply making the page builder we liked so much simply better.

With that being said, I am happy to present the ‘JetElements’, our comprehensive add-on for the Elementor page builder that will give you more than 19 additional modules with which you can work. We believe that this should help you build the websites of your dreams more easily and ensure that the overall website building experience progresses steadily and well for you!

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What’s under the hood of the JetElements?

This add-on includes 19 modules as of today and we are planning to release 5 more pretty soon. Basically, all the demos and live previews can be checked out on the JetElements landing page, but I’ll be glad to give you a short description of the each one, just so you can understand what kind of features this add-on brings to you!

elementor page builder

Advanced Carousel

elementor page builder

Live Preview

An eye-catching carousel will help you present your information in the most efficient and beautiful way. It has more than a few styles from which to choose and you can check out the live preview via the link above.


drag and drop page builder

Live Preview

This module will help you to display the brands with which you have worked or with whom your company has a strong relationship. It works great for agency websites and personal portfolios. Check out the demo, we’ve got a few styles from which to choose, so it will suit any website and any style your website uses.

Circle progress

elementor wordpress theme

Live Preview

This one will work great for showcasing the skill levels or any kind of the progress on your website. Any type of project may need these progress circles and we’ve got them for ya!

Pricing Table

page builder wordpress

Live Preview

Advertise your product’s subscription plans or pricing policies with the help of the pricing tables. These will help you give your customers a brief pricing info by visualizing it in one simple and clean block.


wordpress page builder plugin

Live Preview

Now you can organize your posts grids and make sure that you showcase your content in the most efficient and convenient way. Ensure you make the most out of this module, because content is King and you should use it well.

Post Carousel

elementor wordpress

Live Preview

Basically, that’s the same carousel that I showed you above, but now it works with your posts, enabling your website visitors to swipe it around and see more articles and blog posts!

Post Slider

Posts Slider Preview

Live Preview

A slider is a crucial part of many websites and that’s understandable. Let us help you organize a kick-ass slider on your website, you’ll not regret it!

Advanced Map

Live Preview

Placing a map on your website can be crucial sometimes. Do you want it to look great and stylish? Check out our map block module for the Elementor and you’ll see how it’s done.

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer Preview

Live Preview

Are you planning an event or a grand opening or some kind of a feature release? Take one of these sweet countdown timers and make sure your customers know when to expect the release!


Banners Preview

Live Preview

Nothing to tell you here, guys. These are just a bunch of sweet looking banners with great animated effects, check out the live preview, because otherwise, you’ll not be able to see their whole beauty.


Box Module Preview

Live Preview

Great way to showcase the blog posts anywhere on your website. These have a great animated effect as well; just look how smoothly they move,... OMG..

Animated Text

Animated Text Preview

Live Preview

If you do not check out the live preview, you’ll not understand why on earth the ‘Pow’ word doesn’t seem to fit the sentence above…

What’s great about JetElements?

All these modules will be included in every template we sell along with the Elementor page builder.  We genuinely believe that all these modules will give you the freedom to create great websites based on our premium WordPress themes.


We developed the JetElements with love as though they were just for ourselves, so you will get all the coolest features that you need while we are creating the templates for you.

Which templates are included in the Elementor page builder today?

For now, we have released three WordPress Themes with the Elementor page builder included, but as I have already told you previously, we are planning to include this builder in each and every WordPress template in the future.

JetElements add-on will be included completely free of charge, so make sure you extract the most from this amazing offer and build your websites smartly.

Ascendio - Corporate & Business WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Purchase

Cars and Bikes WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Purchase

AichTwoOh - Water Delivery Service Responsive WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Purchase

Make sure you check out the catalog of our best WordPress Templates that include the Elementor page builder. It will be updated very soon, so stay tuned!

Not a fan of the WordPress themes? We have a huge catalog of the best website templates on the market, so check it out and you will definitely find yourself something!

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