Joomla 10 Years Anniversary Infographic

Aug 17, 2015

Today is a special date in the life of everyone related to Joomla, one way or another. A decade ago, on August 17th 2005, a group of talented people took the first step in building this CMS, which has become one of the most powerful engines today. In honor of the Joomla 10th anniversary, we’ve released a cool Infographic dedicated to celebrate this milestone. Enjoy exploring it!

Before you proceed to the Infographic, we’d like to focus your attention on what Joomla symbolizes in its basic form. The word originates from the Swahili language and expresses the meaning of its ancestor, “Jumla,” which signifies “unity”. Such a concept is clearly reflected in the Joomla logo, where 4 Js are linked together, just like users of this open-source platform.

10 years of Joomla community is definitely a lot of time, and which has united many people from different corners of the globe. It’s worthwhile to mention that TemplateMonster is a loyal member of this community too. The company has made a significant contribution to it of 1300+ ready-made templates over the last seven years, i.e. since 2008. Our Joomla Templates are meant for different types of websites and tailored for a wide range of business niches. In this way, everyone can find something special for his / her Joomla project. As an example, we offer you check a set of the latest Joomla best-sellers.

So, as we don’t want to tire you with this introduction any longer, it’s now time to focus on the Joomla 10 Years Anniversary Infographic, inspired by the creative soul of TemplateMonster, Katarina Klementi. Here you are.

joomla birthday infographics_03

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