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JotForm Contest is Spinning the Wheels! Will You Take Part?

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Are you a web developer? Are you a gambler? Do you like to take part in different competitions and win? Would you like to try your luck once again?

Just answer “Yes” to all these questions like Jim Carrey in “Yes man” movie. This simple word changed the entire life of his hero for better. Do you remember that? You are not going to refuse great chances the life throws you from time to time and insensibly turn into an old killjoy, aren’t you?


Ok, then, listen to this story about the contest.

Taking part in JotForm contest you can win $7500 (it’s the grand prize for the best form design). Are you interested? Next come additional prizes by categories $500 for best mobile form, survey, contact form, e-commerce form, worst form and user’s choice.


But that’s not all! The winners will also get JotForm T-Shirts (first 100 complete entries) and lifetime JotForm professional subscription (to all winners) together with main prizes plus nice bonuses from IT companies that wished to sponsor the contest.

Want to take part? Please remember the following info.

The contest is open to all. Your level of expertise and place of residence don’t matter.

What should you do? Submit your form design by December 4th, 2014 (this is the deadline).

Your form design should meet certain requirements. Build it using JotForm’s Designer. The submitted form should be fully functional. Read a complete list of rules before starting to work on your form (it can be found here).

As you see, the rules are very simple and the prizes are beguiling, so just view the examples, inspire, create and submit your form. Maybe it will win the grand prize.

And here is one more good reason for you to join the contest: apart from main prizes winner's names will be promoted on JotForm blog and on the upcoming JotForm Theme Store.

Have any more questions? Send them an e-mail.

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