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Latest Furniture WordPress Templates For Stunning Interior Design

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Imagine a warm, cozy and welcoming home… without furniture.

Impossible, right? That is the clothing of your home. It needs to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, but best when furniture meets both requirements - then it’s perfect.

Despite the changes in the world, a furniture manufacturing business will always be in demand, and so will a furniture selling business. And if you are currently one of those who are looking for some WordPress Furniture Themes to create an interior design selling project, then you’ve arrived at the right place at the right time.

Why should you choose a ready-made template and not hire a programmer?  There are several reasons for doing this.

First of all, you save quite a significant sum if you decide to use a ready-made template. Hiring a programmer requires a fair amount of time and money. Meanwhile, there is another option that you could consider - using templates ready-made for a furniture business.

Need some cool data visualization ideas? MS powerpoint templates will get the job done.

The Benefits of Obtaining a Ready-Made Template

  • Saving money
  • Saving time
  • No interaction with programmers
  • You get the idea of how it works yourself, which gives you some independence and helps you cope with simple tasks in the future

As you can see, the benefits are quite evident. There are several questions which may occur to you, however.

  • Do templates look & work as well as custom websites?
  • Do I have to do the technical part of a website all by myself?
  • How much time does it take to create a website?

All these answers depend on the latest WordPress themes that you choose. In short, you need to select a template from a well established and reliable template provider; a template, whose design will incorporate the latest web design trends. Moreover, you need to be sure that it includes all the necessary design elements which you need it to have. There are dozens of template providers that offer beautifully-designed templates. Whether you deal with a technical part of a template all by yourself, depends on a template provider’s support. One of the best support options is to choose a template provider who offers 24/7 support. This way, you make sure that you are supported at all times - whether you are in the process of making a website or if it is up and running already.

Here we’ve gathered 25 furniture store WordPress themes  which are in easy reach of you with just one click. And, most importantly, they have 24/7 support for a LIFETIME.

Once a customer - always a customer.

Assistance and support always provided.

TOP 25+ Latest Furniture WordPress Templates For Stunning Interior Design in 2018

Template NameTheme ProviderTemplate CategoryPrice
Glide - Home, Bath and Kitchen Renovation Company WordPress ThemeZEMEZHome Remodeling Templates$75
Remodel - Renovation & Interior Design WordPress ThemeZEMEZHome Remodeling Templates$75
Bailey - Furniture & Interior Design WordPress ThemeZEMEZInterior Design Templates$75
Dellos - Handmade Furniture & Interior Responsive WordPress ThemeZEMEZFurniture Templates$75
DuronFlooring - Interior & Furniture and Flooring WordPress ThemeZEMEZFlooring Templates$75
Soft Sofa - Furniture & Manufacturing Company WordPress ThemeZEMEZInterior Design Templates$75
Walden - Home Decor & Furnishing Online Supermarket WooCommerce ThemeZEMEZHome Decor Templates$114
Garden Furniture WooCommerce ThemeZEMEZFurniture Templates$114
Timberline - Furniture Store WooCommerce ThemeZEMEZFurniture Templates$114
Interra - Interior Designer Portfolio WordPress ThemeZEMEZInterior Design Templates$75
Interna WordPress ThemeZEMEZArchitecture$75
Tools At Hand - Handyman & Repair Services WordPress ThemeZEMEZHome Repairs Templates$75
Archville - Architecture & Design Portfolio WordPress ThemeZEMEZArchitecture$75
Architecture WordPress ThemeZEMEZArchitecture$75
Arch WordPress ThemeWTArchitecture$79
Architect's Bureau WordPress ThemeWTArchitecture$75
Laredo - Exterior Design Company WordPress ThemeZEMEZExterior Design Templates$75
Interior - Interior Design Company Responsive WordPress ThemeZEMEZInterior Design Templates$75
Furnicom - Furniture Store WordPress ThemeZEMEZFurniture Templates$75
StyleRoom - House Renovation Responsive WordPress ThemeZEMEZFeng Shui Templates$75
Cherfort - Furniture Company Responsive WordPress ThemeZEMEZFurniture Templates$75
DailySports - Sport Magazine WordPress ThemeZEMEZBasketball Templates$55
Presidential - Home Decor & Furniture WordPress ThemeZEMEZFurniture Templates$75
Furniture Company WordPress ThemeWTFurniture Templates$79
Monstroid WordPress ThemeZEMEZConstruction Company Templates$79
Furniture Responsive WordPress Theme WordPress ThemeZEMEZFurniture Templates$75
Furniture Responsive WordPress ThemeZEMEZInterior & Furniture Templates$75
Furniture for Any Taste WordPress ThemeZEMEZInterior & Furniture Templates$75
Furniture WordPress ThemeWTInterior & Furniture Templates$75

1. Glide


Download Live Demo Hosting

Statistically, psychologists claim that you need to redecorate your place every 5 years. If your business uses this design, you will have returning customers who will come back much sooner. Among business website templates this could be one of your best options. It looks so elegant and stylish that the customers will subconsciously transfer this image to the business itself.

2. ReModel


Download Live Demo Hosting

Web design keeps evolving, and the company website templates which used to be in fashion a couple of years ago, are not trendy any longer. Not only does an ultra-modern web design like this follow the web design trends of 2017, but it is also representative of the high quality of the products/service offered. See the red color in the design? It gives this template the elegance which wouldn’t be there if the designer chose to use only black and white. A classic combination of “Le Rouge et le Noir” accompanied with white, makes this design incredible.

3. Bailey


Download Live Demo Hosting

For those of you who have a lot of images to place on the website, a grid Pinterest-like layout could be of great use. Apart from that, the dark color makes it better for your perception, and emphasizing the left-sided menu attracts a customer’s attention for you. Express the modern soul of your enterprise through this business site template.

4. Dellos


Download Live Demo Hosting

A home-made furniture corporate business website template like this could be a hit. A full-width hero image helps your customer dive into the atmosphere of furniture making instantly, as if he or she were in a physical furniture store. Speaking of physical stores, by the way, you don’t have to have one if you have this website. It may encourage you to use your website to replace your offline sales representatives, and still your customers will love your agency.

5. DuronFlooring


Download Live Demo Hosting

If your customer (or you personally, if you are going to make a website for yourself) is fond of strict classic design, website templates for a business company like this one could be  just what you need. A combination of elegant black and golden colors makes it look chic. The blog, testimonials, and listing of the services will look perfect in your project, and your project will look perfect on any screen size. This furniture WordPress theme is responsive, as are all the other furniture-related designs in this blog.

6. Soft Sofa

Soft Sofa

Download Live Demo Hosting

Square shapes, yellow color, flat design, intuitive widgets and simple and understandable layout - what else could one wish for? Except for, maybe, a photo gallery with hover effects, sophisticatedly placed blog posts and appealing “Subscribe” button… but they are here, too. Check out the demo of this business site template! Your customers won’t want to leave the website without making a purchase.



7. Walden


Download Live Demo Hosting


If you are looking for the best corporate website design where your customers would be able to compare items, you might consider using this design. It looks incredibly natural thanks to its wooden-like background, and the items classification makes finding a desired product easier. In case you’re planning on creating a great eCommerce website, this eCommerce template would be a superb option.

8. Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Download Live Demo Hosting

Are you planning on creating an eCommerce furniture-related website? Then you might use this template for your company website. It looks modern and airy enough to create a good first impression. You’ll enjoy the big banners with the products, and pay attention to the hover effects which are used to attract a customer’s attention to the products. The future is here, and this template represents it fully.

9. Timberline

Timber Line

Download Live Demo Hosting

A combination of flat design and a yellow color in this template, makes it a great option for a furniture website. Spending time on a website like this will elicit great pleasure - its design is joyful, appealing and responsive. The best business website examples look similar to this template.  Get this template and see the proof of this statement for yourself - this is pure inspiration.

10. Interra


Download Live Demo Hosting

If you’d like to give your customers the feeling that your business is a combination of uniqueness mixed with a touch of steel design, if you’ve been searching for the best business website designs and still haven’t found one… you may consider using this website template. Its stylish black-and-white color combination, unusually designed image slider, and, most importantly, a powerful image presentation makes it stand out among other websites in this niche. Moreover, multiple layout options will let you be more creative in choosing the design.

11. Interna


Download Live Demo Hosting

In case you need the type of corporate site templates that would also be suitable for a furniture-making project, have a look at this template. Released only recently, it meets all the requirements of web design trends current in 2017 and also of your potential website visitors. Keep in mind, that it is clean coded and responsive, which means that you’ll enjoy working with it and you’ll be happy with the way it looks on various screen sizes.

12. Tools at Hand


Download Live Demo Hosting

With corporate web design templates like this one, a small furniture producer may be reassured that he has a decent online business presence. Flat design, hover effects, neat widgets, drop-down menu and other design features will help you create a clean website. Apart from this, with this template, you also get lifetime support and lifetime updates.

13. Archville


Download Live Demo Hosting

After seeing hundreds of responsive web templates for businesses, you start noticing the slightest differences in the design. A brilliant interior design website could evolve from WordPress interior design themes. It looks fashionable, it is image oriented, it makes one want to click and check out more of the products.

If you plan to create a blog on the website, this template could be great for this purpose.

14. Architecture


Download Live Demo Hosting

Modern corporate company website templates set their own trends, and a template like this could make any project look stunning. An unusual responsive design will make it memorable for your customers. Be different, create differently!

15. Arch


Download Live Demo Hosting

You will enjoy the way the images are displayed - hover effects make it look incredibly appealing. Use them to grab the attention of your customer and to gain an audience for your website.

16. Architecture Company

Architecture Company

Download Live Demo Hosting

In case you need to use a large number of images, this template may come in handy. It lets you combine the photos in the best possible way.

17. Laredo


Download Live Demo Hosting

Interior - Interior Design Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo Hosting

Furnicom - Furniture Store WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo Hosting

StyleRoom - House Renovation Responsive WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo Hosting

Cherfort - Furniture Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo Hosting

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo Hosting

Presidential - Home Decor & Furniture WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo Hosting

Furniture Company WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo Hosting

Monstroid WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo Hosting

Furniture Responsive WordPress Theme WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo Hosting

Furniture Responsive WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo Hosting

Furniture for Any Taste WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo Hosting

Furniture WordPress Theme

Download | Live Demo Hosting

Exterior design websites need to be significantly outstanding. Show your potential customers that you are able to create brilliant exteriors both of their homes and of your website.

If you’d like to see more options for your business website project, consider these corporate website templates. Pay attention to their release date, to their rating and to the features they have. You may even create a list of what you need first, then you’ll know exactly what to look for and you’ll be able to find your preferred design sooner. And if you’d like to share your opinion on these business website templates, we’d love to hear your feedback! Feel free to leave a comment below.


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