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Are You Looking for a New Source of Income? We Have a Good Deal for You!

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2017 has become a year of new trends in online business. Nowadays people are involved in different Internet spheres which can help them to make money. Social networks, video hostings, website development and web design are the most popular and among the best-paid positions.

At the moment the average monthly salary of a professional web developer or web designer is about $8,000 or roughly $100,000 per year. It is a quite attractive number, isn’t it?

How to Make Money Online

Unfortunately, there are not that many courses which people may attend to learn this profession. However, people are still ready to pay money for the appropriate education. Having investigated the labor market the TemplateMonster team decided to create an online school for people who are eager to study but still have some doubts. We would like to present to you 2 free educational projects for anybody who does not have enough free time for local schools but really wants to get to know something new and change their lives.

Launch your own web studio in 7 weeks!

This Marathon is a perfect opportunity for those people who are in love with IT-technologies and would like to launch their own web project by themselves If you run your own business or you would like to expand the horizon of your opportunities, welcome to the free private Marathon “Launch your own web studio in 7 weeks”.

How to Make Money Online

As a part of the Marathon, all participants will get to know everything about working with freelancers, how to build websites and find new clients, how to negotiate and sell your products.

What we guarantee is that we will provide all participants in the Marathon with free educational material covering all aspects of the most popular trends in online business. You will be able to build your web design studio in 7 weeks for free. All that is needed from you is the desire to learn and complete all tasks on time. For our part, we will unlock the secrets of how to build powerful websites and sell products and services online.

How to Make Money Online

Once you complete all tasks, you will become the happy owner of your own web design studio.

If you are not interested in web development at all, we have a completely different Marathon for you. “Make Your First $500” is one of the latest projects created by a professional from the TemplateMonster team for anybody who would like to know how to earn money online.

Make Your First $500

We have analyzed the most popular trends of online businesses and discovered the most effective ways of making money on the Internet. Now we are looking for people who are eager to acquire new knowledge and make plenty of money.

Social networks, Instagram, YouTube, online advertising, freelance and many other useful cases and aspects can all help you to become a new world famous businessman.


We are ready to present you with 10 theoretical lessons with 10 practical tasks. All you need to do is learn the information and complete the tasks. In the end you will have your own Internet business which will be a source of income for you.

10th of October 2017 is the start of our free projects. Places are limited, so act now if you do not want to lose this opportunity to sign up and change your life. You know the best is yet to come.

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