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Why Magento Is the Best Choice For Your E-commerce Website?

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E-commerce websites are very popular today, and the current tendency indicates that their growth is unstoppable. Actually, nowadays is very common to see, commercial business that only works in a digital format without a physical store, and for a big part of the public, this is the most comfortable option. After all, on an E-commerce site, there are not waiting for lines and none bothering you in the halls and the best of all, the ease of buying from the comfort of your own house, using only your computer and your credit card. For the owner of the business are some advantages too, like no annoying employees and much more.

However, at the moment of setting your own E-commerce website, you need to choose the best platform to do it. WordPress is a great option and many stores use it to manage their sites, but the goal of this content management system or CMS is not exactly to run an E-commerce site, it can do it but it is not its strength. There is a myriad of options to choose a good platform that allow you to take all the benefits of a digital store, but there is one that stands out from the rest as the best of all, this is Magento.

It is not without reason that many big brands in the industry, like Nestle, Samsung and Nike use Magento to create and manage their digital stores and according to several studies for different websites, this e-commerce platform is the leading name in its field, and it is used by the most of the best E-commerce pages on the whole internet. But, you may be asking is it actually Magento the best e-commerce platform in the market today? Well, here you will find some of its features, so you can judge it for yourself.


An exclusive e-commerce objective

As it said before, WordPress, which is one of the most used platforms to create websites of any nature, wasn’t built with the intention of creating online stores. Certainly, it counts on many plugins that allow to any user setting up a perfect running e-commerce site. Nevertheless, it doesn’t provide all the resources that Magento does, so you can build a friendly site that will be very easy to use for your clients and for you to manage. This is because unlike WordPress, the focus of Magento is only on digital commerce, not managing content, the main direction is making the process of selling as fluid as possible.   


A high grade of customization

Magento comes with a long and useful set of features, themes, and extensions that offer the possibility of practically do anything you can imagine with your website. All of these features were created with the idea of giving you the possibility of offering the exact kind of experience that you want your customers to have, every time they enter your site, to look for the products you sell. Two important examples of these aspects you can customize are the payment methods you can set up and the international support of the system. First, you can use all the types of payment methods you want for your website, Magento has some of them by default, but you can install as many as you like so your customers will always have the most convenient way of paying you. The other aspect is that Magento has a localization support, many languages and even different tax rates and currencies that will let your digital store, functioning in many countries without problems.


Open code source

There are two versions of this e-commerce platform, the first is the Magento Community Edition and the other is the Magento Enterprise. The first one is a completely free version of Magento in which you don’t need to pay any kind of license and the best aspect of this, is that its source code is open. This means that the user is free to see and modify the code of the platform, to adapt it perfectly to his or her needs and offering a unique experience to the customers that visit his or her e-business site. This also means that this platform is in continuous improvement because with every user that experiments with the code, has the possibility of creating upgrades that will make a better platform for the rest and without any kind of payment by them.


No compatibility issues

Any e-commerce website created with Magento can be optimized for any kind of platform without any problems. This means that these sites will be easily accessed from any device such as a PC, a cell phone or a tablet and it will always adapt to them because it will be a responsive site. This is a great advantage because your public won’t be limited to one type of device, and they can get into your site from everywhere, no matter if they don´t count on a PC at the moment because they can do it with any digital device. In a short time, your public will be wider and you will see an increase in your sales.


Multiple stores on a single admin panel

The admin panel of Magento allows managing different stores in just on admin panel, no matter if the e-commerce websites are in different languages and of a different nature. You can do all the modifications you need in one of the stores or in all of them if you want.

These are some just of the advantages that Magento offers, there are many more, and the purpose of all of them is creating the best e-commerce possible, that will allow you to be at the lead of your field. Your customers will have a great experience when they visit your website because it will be a very friendly one that will be very easy to use. Remember that in order to be successful in the current and competitive world of digital business, it is important counting on a good presence and being always in the mind of your customers, as the best site to buy the products they need to make easier their life, and that is exactly what Magento help you to reach.


Ready To Go Store Service

This service allows you to get your new store installed and configured without losing products from your existing website. Besides basic installation and configuration (with your shipping, payment, taxes, currencies and contact details) you will also get your products imported to your new website. Furthermore your site will have the company logo, slider and banner images, the content of valuable pages (About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Delivery, Payment) and include required languages.

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  1. Magento is still holding approx 25% of ecommerce industry, and it is known as the “WordPress of Ecommerce” which is I think the biggest reason for choosing Magento for an online store. Apart from that, Magento has a lot of online support, and the Magento Community is way too friendly for newbies and learners. On the ground realities, Magento is present and will be the future as well. 🙂

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