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How to Make a Digg-style Website Using WordPress

Digg-style Website
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  1. What’s Digg?
  2. How to make a Digg-style WordPress website.


What’s Digg

A brief introduction for those who never heard of Digg. It’s a very popular portal, specializing in so-called “user-submitted news.” A distinctive feature of this resource is that each registered person can add any news. And their rank will depend only on what rating the news will get from other users. The higher the rank, the more likely they will appear on the front page.

How to make Digg-style WordPress website

With Digg being so popular, WordPress users may, of course, wonder how to make their websites more like it. Well, that easy to achieve by using simple voting and sharing plugins. Let’s look at two the easiest to use:

The Post Voting plugin allows you to display a stylish little voting block so that your visitors can plus or minus your articles. This plugin provides an easy way to measure the popularity of your posts. It’s easy to install and simple to configure.

Social Share Buttons is a straightforward and elegant plugin that adds buttons to the end of the post’s content, by clicking on which you can send the read publication to your Twitter, Facebook, or add to social bookmarks.

Also, to know how to make your WordPress themes to look more like Digg, you can read this handy Digg-style pagination article.

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