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The Good, The Bad, The Vendor: Make More Money Selling Digital Products

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You have a web template or a WordPress theme and want to sell it to a wide audience.

Whether you are an experienced distributor of digital products or a beginner – it is a wise and profitable idea to become a vendor and place your template on a popular marketplace. The fame of a marketplace starts to work for you and it takes almost no effort to increase your sales.

TemplateMonster became a marketplace in the summer of 2017 and more than 1,000 vendors have already boosted their sales with our help.

However, no matter how much you gain – you can always have more. It is just a matter of perseverance, and whether you consider your revenue is already sufficient enough – If it is, then great, you don’t need to read any further. If you want to boost your profit – here are the detailed instructions.

Stop being good – become great!


A good vendor places his product in the marketplace and starts generating income. He continues conducting his business, recalling that he became a vendor only when it came to analyzing his budget. A good vendor accrues profit with little effort, but maybe it is not as adequate as it could be.

What should a great vendor do?

He develops everything he has, to gain more profit. A great vendor invests a little effort and increases his return from the marketplace by up to 10 times. Interested? Here’s what you have to do to be a great vendor.

1. Tell your friends in social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – social media are great platforms for promotion. Tell your friends that you have placed your product on the TemplateMonster marketplace and add a link. If some of your followers share it – your reach will be wider, so don’t forget to ask your audience to do that for you.

2. Invite your friends to ask questions on a template’s page.

Activity in the comment block of your theme’s page attracts the attention of users. If you answer the questions quickly – it will encourage other users to ask something too. The more interesting the comments are – the more engagement you get, and more engagement means an increase in sales.

3. Use popular forums

Lots of people use Quora, Reddit or Medium to learn something new or ask a question. There could be someone who is interested in your template. Answer users’ questions on forums and leave a link to your template’s page on TemplateMonster, so a potential customer is able to find your product easily.

4. Shoot a video

You don’t need professional equipment to make a good video, but making an effort will surely be rewarded. A video-guide explaining how to work with your template will raise your status in your customer’s eyes.

5. Sell exclusive products

There is a big advantage to selling a product that nobody else has. When you have no competitors - all the interested clients will choose your product. Try something new and fill the niche that is currently empty.

6. Write a preview post on TemplateMonster’s blog

Articles about products make them more visible. TemplateMonster blog has a wide audience and lots of people will read your post. The more people who know about your template or theme - the more potential customers you will have.

7. Add useful features

Templates that have more pages, plugins and different useful stuff rise to the top more often than basic ones. Users like multi-functional products that show maximum usability and efficiency.

8. Raise your product quality

It’s obvious that quality is the most important feature of a product. Templates of a high quality get approval from users faster and that means that the sales will grow rapidly.

9. Support your clients

TemplateMonster offers first level support to all the clients. However, if a consumer has problems with a vendor’s template functionality - the problem is referred to the vendor’s support team. The better your support specialists are - the more happy clients you will have, and a satisfied client could refer his friends or colleagues to you.

Get to the top


TemplateMonster helps vendors to promote their products.

We create promo campaigns and provide around-the-clock tech support, offer the best affiliation and loyalty programs in the market. We also make cool promo videos for the most popular vendor templates.

Start generating profit from the TemplateMonster marketplace and be great in it!

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