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7 Ways Every Blogger Can Make 2018 More Profitable

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Many people jump into the world of blogging with hopes of making money or getting famous in the process. With over a billion active websites on the internet today, it's quite easy to get lost in the crowd and pulled in by all the success stories found online and in the news. However, just starting a website or blog and throwing some content on the Internet isn't going to be enough. In fact, it’s just going to waste your time and make you more frustrated!

If you want to make 2018 your most profitable year ever, you need to know where to best focus your efforts and how to create a site with pillar content that ranks of the top of Google and converts your site visitors into revenue. Today we are going to be looking at seven ways every site owner and blogger can maximize their earnings by focusing their efforts in the right area.

Let's not waste any more time. Start implementing these tips today.

#1 Find the Right Affiliate Program

maximize blogging profits

Affiliate marketing is still one of the most effective ways to make money on the internet. The problem for most people is that they join any affiliate program that has a high payout and try to blast banner and text ads throughout their site while hoping for a random conversion.

The real way to find success with affiliate marketing is to select an offer that your audience is interested in and then placing call-to-actions throughout your site. For these call to actions to work, you need to provide them to your audience in a way that they are seen as a solution or way to solve their problem.

A perfect example of this would be if you had a site on how to design websites, which focused heavily on design templates or WordPress themes. In this example, it would make perfect sense for you to join the TemplateMonster affiliate program and earning a commission by recommending top themes to your audience.

From my personal experience, TemplateMonster has been a great addition as not only a resource to my site owners but also as an additional revenue source as well. Since most of my sites and tutorials focus on providing site owners and bloggers with the tools they need to find success online, TemplateMonster is an easy recommendation. While there are many WordPress and site theme options out there to choose from, TemplateMonster is one of the oldest providers online and has a selection of themes that will match the look and feel for any business.

With all of that said, their programs make for a perfect recommendation -- whether it be about making money with their affiliate program, or using themes from their site.

#2 Create a Free Webinar Education Series

affiliate program

Something many bloggers are finding success with right now is creating an education series and giving it away to their audience for free. This can be done in some ways, but some of the most successful methods are through the use of PDF files, granting access to a private member's area, or even through a free or automated webinar series.

One of the common misconceptions here is that a free online learning series is just going to waste your time and not make you any money. However, it's the complete opposite.

By giving away free education material and showing your audience that you know what you are talking about, you're gaining a lot of audience loyalty and respect in the process. When providing such information to your audience (whether it be through email, private access, or a webinar) be sure to grab their name and email so you can add it to your list. Once all of this is in place, you can then follow up with subscribers after their free online learning course is done, then try and upsell them to a more advanced course.

#3 Ditch Google AdSense

maximize blogging profits

One of the common reasons why bloggers aren't making money on their site is that they are using methods that don't work or pay out as much as they could be.

For example, contextual marketing is enormous, and one of the most common ways to make money with it is through Google AdSense. Not only is it owned by Google, but it’s also one of the most popular monetization methods in the world today. Granted, it works well and makes a decent amount of money if you are in the right market, but often, site owners are losing their audience and sometimes only earning a few pennies per click.

If you want to truly make money with your website and gain the respect of your audience, you might be better off ditching Google AdSense and finding a better monetization method in its place.

#4 Launch an Online Course

Online Course

Reflecting back on the concept of giving away education material on your site for free, many entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers are making a ton of money by creating and selling courses online. Some of these courses are selling for upwards of $2,999 or more, but many are seeing success with smaller courses in the $97-$197 range as well!

In most cases, if you are a blogger, you are probably great at creating content that is already based on your expertise. If so, this makes the concept of turning your expertise and best content into a digital course or private access area quite easy. There are many ways to make money online by selling your expertise or even creating an online course.

Ready To Use Website

#5 Improve Your Autoresponder Series

Autoresponder Series

Many site owners and bloggers rely on their email list to make a lot of money. One of the best ways to put your email list to use is by setting up an autoresponder series and letting it do most of the work for you.

A common problem with this, however, is that some site owners will create their autoresponder series and not update it for several years. Not only will this provide your audience with outdated information, but it will also likely lead to more unsubscribes and loss of loyalty and engagement between you and your subscribers.

If you want to continually improve your earnings and gain the respect of your audience, you need to make sure your autoresponder is always updated and at the highest level possible. Take a moment to look at your email series and see how you can update and improve it.

#6 Focus on Less Content and More SEO


Of all the methods listed so far, I think this one is probably most important. When you think about blogging, many people think it's all about the content that you create. In truth, it is about the content you create, but more about how you promote it.

Yes, the content on your site is going to be very important, but instead of creating a lot of content and releasing a new article daily, it’s recommended that bloggers focus on long-form content that they can refer to repeatedly. More time should be spent on the promotion of such content than continually coming out with new articles.

This is something that has worked exceptionally well for some of the top bloggers and niche focused content sites in the world today.

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#7 Take Action!

Take Action!

It’s easy to read through the list above and see some distinct ways that you can start improving your website or blog. However, if you genuinely want to find success online and make 2018 your best year ever, be sure to run through the list again and start implementing each of these methods.

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