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A Couple Of Useful Mega Menu Widgets For WordPress

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  1. JQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget
  2. Max Mega Menu
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The WordPress themes menu is one of the key elements of the site. This is the part of the site with which the user is continuously interacting. The general impression of visitors about the site depends on the quality, ergonomics, and design of the menu. Sometimes, thanks to an attractive menu, you can turn a regular Internet surfer into a permanent user of your resource.

To make a quality vertical, horizontal, multi-level, or any other kind of menu, you’ll need to open and edit the CSS code. Or, to do it without professional coding skills, use a plugin. And since there are lots of them, this review will cover the possibilities of the couple of best free modules that will allow you to quickly bring the menu to your site.

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JQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget

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Although the name of the plugin also includes the word “mega”, with it, you can’t create something impossible. But, a simple vertical menu with its own categories, with the help of this module is quite realistic. The big plus is that the tool is distributed free of charge. So, without additional costs, today you can create a quality menu for your site. This widget allows you to create a pop-up menu, the output of which can be customized. You can change the animation of appearance, transitions between categories, etc. In the end, something like accordion will turn out.

You can customize it yourself by editing CSS code. And don’t forget to activate the widget and place it in a particular part of the site. Otherwise, the widget won’t be able to output the accordion to the page.

Max Mega Menu

Widgets For WordPress

This solution has a lot of settings and features. And, as a result, you can make a horizontal adaptive menu of WordPress. This plugin, unfortunately, doesn’t have ready-made skins for design. But instead, there’s something better. On the settings page of this WordPress plugin, all possible styles of all possible elements can be registered in the admin panel. This makes the setting comfortable and eliminates the need to dig into the website’s code. And at the same time allows you to achieve the desired effect. It’s also possible to make your own color schemes and save style sets. Also, there are settings for animations and behavior scenarios. There’s a highlight of the active menu item (by default, though, it’s disabled). It doesn’t look extraordinary, but this is because there are no finished skins and themes. But all the required elements can be adjusted manually using a visual editor. You only need to select the colors, fonts, and styles that you want. The settings of the menu items are divided by nesting levels. This means that the main items and subitems of the menu can be given a unique design.


There are lots of JQuery menu plugins for WordPress. But since this article is not supposed to exceed 650 words, I gave you the review of only two plugins that I liked the most. You can, of course, Google for a lot more. Just remember, whichever solution you choose, keep in mind that whether it’s a vertical, horizontal, or pop-up widget, it should be well combined with the rest of the web design themes.

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