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23 Modern Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

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Typography is crucial for any online project as it is very important to create a unique style style of your works. This compilation is dedicated to the newest Photoshop text effects tutorials.

For this reason, we've prepared some tutorials that explain you all the peculiarities of creating professional typography effects for all kinds of art works.


3D effects are commonly used in typography and we can achieve great results by adjusting the light, creating necessary forms and underscoring the correct comfortable space.

Versatile Fonts and Font Packs

1. Vintage Typography

how to create text effects in photoshop

The main idea was to create a historically important style. The New Zanerian Alphabet is the book that will help you deal with this task. It features a peculiar and extraordinary alphabet which allows you to create compelling text effects.

2. Volumetric Rubber and Glass in Photoshop CS6


First of all, write down the text and define what kind of style you need to give it. The next step is to tune all the chosen panels: 3D and the Properties. Then move on to creating texture and color scheme of the text. The last steps are: selecting and adding glass or rubber effects to the text, and adjusting the lights and shadows.

3. Illuminated Text Effect

how to create text effects in photoshop

This text effect is really spick and span. It has no different particular complexity. So all we need is to line up style and text, create the brush tip, style the scheme, reflect the brush. Then create the reflections with the help of Blend Mode and Smudge Tool. Create styling metal bars to enhance the effect. Finishing the work we need to add soft shadows and lights!

4. Dirty Text Effect

typography tutorials

To learn this tutorial you need a Digital Camera,  tripod, a sheet of paper, pencil, powder, dirt, small knife, painting brush 1/2", painting brush 1/4" and an eraser. It’s very important to set up the camera in the right place to shoot your text correctly. After creating the photography we start working with the command “Unsharp Mask” in the Edit section. After that we enhance the colors of the final image. It’s done!

5. Bubble Gum Text Effect

typography tutorials

The Pen Tool in Photoshop is a very handy thing if we use it in the right way. Firstly, you need to create a sketch. Secondly, create a 3D effect with the commands “Modify and Expand”. Next we go to Paint Bucket Tool in order to give the correct form to our letters, adjusting the colors. With the help of “Pen Tool” we will produce a Stringy Bubble Gum effect.  To give a significant volume and shape to the letters we use three types of highlights,  including meticulous work with shadows. Finally, we compose the background and work with finishing effects to give a more realistic look to our incredible vivid letters.

6. Chalk Logo Effect


In this case, chalk drawing was a live technique with effects created with the help of Photoshop plugins.

So, all you need is a chalk board and a little bit of fantasy. Initially, we must prepare our line drawing by printing out the artwork we want to use. Then applying a regular mechanical pencil and redraw the letters on the paper. The next and almost the last step is applying the effects in Photoshop with the Adjustment Layer.

7. Frozen Text Effect

modern photoshop text effects

Firstly, we are going to fill our background with Paint Bucket Tool. Secondly, we build Layer Curves for making directly to create an ice effect. Writing the text using the Trojan Pro font. Then draw a tracery in the soft light mode. Chalk outlines brush edges of the text and applies the “Accented Edges Filter” to underline the colors.

8. Spray Paint Text Effect


With each text effect is becoming easier to explain how? What? And where? So this tutorial will not much differ from the other. Creating of it is similar. So we make a new document, composing a few splats in the middle of the page. Next we add the text, choosing the font so that it was grungy. Apply the command “Gaussian Blur” and make it a little brighter. Use soft round brush and add color overlay, outer glow, inner glow. Then add strokes in different bright colors and again add a “Gaussian blur”. Finishing the work save all layers in one final.

9. Furry Text Effect


The point of creating this effect is to dress the letters in a fluffy texture, gradually. The task is also to track the correct direction of roughness texture. So, you have one layer of prepared texture - our grass. We must duplicate it so that second strip lays down to the first, correctly. If it’s direction is horizontal - texture must lay horizontally, if it’s direction is vertical – respectively it must be upright. Apply an eraser to delete unnecessary roughness. In the end remove black text that was our basting.

10. Honeycomb Text Effect


This text effect is very funny. First of all, we need to create a new document and make a black background. Then create brown text. In our case it’s a single letter. Let's make a little yellow spot like hexagon in the corner of our letter. Zoom it and apply an option called marquee tool. With the help of the liner gradient we use yellow part of our picture. The next step is to put yellow hexogen across brown letter. Highlighting framing letters add the volume by overlay another brown layer.

11. Metal Text Effect


In this tutorial we will learn how to create the embossed metal effect. Let's activate the Rulers and create a horizontal guide. Drag the guide to the center and create the form that you need with the Scale function. Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to draw holes on both sides and make sure they are symmetric. In order to give the material larger dimensions and give the text a stamping effect, we must give contour, gradient overlay, drop shadow. The next step is to create the text and make it color shielding. Next – apply, bevel and emboss inscription in the center of the plate. Give it contour, gradient overlay, drop shadow, and combine all the layers in one.

12. Abstract Geometric Text Effect


At first, we construct three triangles 240*240px; 240*160px; 240*80px. The next challenge is to add gradient layers to the triangles. Then construct the letter “M”, separately “S” and “D”. Certainly, we must tune the shadow gradient. Next we need to add highlights to the letters and make the groundwork of shadows. And the last step is to set the right amount of opacity.

13.Caramel Text Effect


Making the background for the text we add soft shadows, gradient overlay and finally – stamping of the material. The next challenge is adding the gloss by duplicating the previous layer. The last step is adding the needed volume, shape, light and clarity.

14. Kiwi-Inspired Text Effect


It's time to taste, delicious dessert! However, this effect is quite difficult create. The matter is that kiwi is a three-dimensional object with many details.

After creating a new document, we construct the background gradient. Then proceed to creating the text using the font “Bubblegum”. Now we will edit the fruit. Firstly, we set up the color balance. Secondly, we cut the fruit into pieces in order to create the illusion of volume and lay them on each other. With small pieces, we will customize the look of the words. All difficult tasks end here. it is more important to connecting the layers with separate parts and creating the effect of living drops.

15.Rusty Text Effect

typography tutorials

Start with the black background and set foreground as hazel color. Find “Clouds” command and adjust brightness. Next, go to the command Sprayed Strokes, then to the – “Add Noise”. Once complete, we will use   Splatter and Unsharp Mask commands. To create a new text we need to switch to the type tool. Finally we use : “Inner shadow” and “Liner Dodge” – if you want to change the direction.

16. Moon Shine Text Effect


This background consists of mixing black and dark blue colors. Pay attention to more powerful and bold font. Go to “Blending options” and adjust your settings towards the options: “Drop Shadow”, “Outer Glow” and “Inner Glow”, “Gradient Overlay”.

17. 3D Flowery Text Effect


Set up the background color and use gradient tool to mark the circle. The next step is to create a 3D text and apply the surface gradient alternately to each letter. To emphasize the same color apply the gradient overlay. The next task is to add flower swirls on both the letters themselves and the background around the letters. The last step is to create glowing stars with the help of Soft Brush Tool.

18. Cinematic Text Effect


As you already know, first of all, we need to set the background. Then take the satiety down to the -80. Next open a Gradient Adjustment Layer, turn to black. Add text and give it large size. The next task is in to invent the 3-dimensional neon effect. Now follow the steps: Drop Shadow box, Outer Glow, Inner Glow, the function of stamping. Then set opacity to 60 % and use the command “Gaussian”. Create Sparks on the text. Then go to “Motion Blur” and produce a lens flare. Now mix the layers and overlap on each other. At this stage we create anamorphic lens flares with the help of “Ellipse Tool” and “Motion Blur”. And then we adjust highlights with the help of “Opacity”, “Gradient layer”, soft light.

19. Offset Path Text Effect

typography tutorials

At first we produce a plain path. With the “Direct Selection Tool” you lightly may choose the place you want to edit and draw a little circle there. Now  use the circle to mark important places. Then in Path section we utilize 10px Offset and repeat this step. Load the background photo. Then we transfer the vector on the picture and go to Invert and Photo Filter command.

20. Bio Theme Logo Text Effect


The leaf texture was created separately with the help of "Warp". To acheive this effect we need to create green text on the black background. Then place the leaf alternately on each letter in different directions. Next, mark approximately the verges with white, where will be curl branches of our leaves. Then with "Bevel and Emboss" turn them to living and volumetric. Use Drop Shadow to fix 3D effect. After that we draw a vine that will connect the text and a butterfly that sits on the first letter.

21. Dynamic Particle Explosion Text Effect


Write down the text using heavy bold font. Switch to “Outer Glow”, “Inner Glow” and “Gradient Overlay”. Use “Clouds” layers and start clicking with white brush, to create an explosion effect. Also use bigger brushes and “Gaussian Blur” to produce more realistic motion. Next, use “Rasterize Type” command.

I hope that creator’s inspiration will not drain and you will gladly use the newest effects.

22. Clean, Glossy Plastic Text Effect

typography tutorials

23. Inflated Text Using 3D

typography tutorials


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