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Monstroid 2 Magic Button: Tinker Toys Box for Adults

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The uplifted Monstroid 2 offers lots of advantages to users and if you downloaded it you probably already noticed it. A huge bunch of professionally created skins, the whole set of Jet plugins, and the tech support superpower makes Monstroid2 more useful and convenient than ever before. However, in my opinion, the most useful from all the newly added features is Elementor Page Builder compatibility – it simplifies the website creation process exponentially. Moreover, the unique Monstroid 2 WordPress theme functionality, the Magic Button, turns designing into child’s play.

What’s a Magic Button?

magic button

When you were a kid, did you like tinker toys? I adored it. All those LEGO-like games where you have to use little pieces and create anything from them fascinated me. If you liked such toys in your childhood too – you will definitely love Magic Button. In plain language, it is a tinker toys box for a web designer. When you hit the Magic Button it opens a library that contains a bunch of details (like headers, footers, different sections, etc.) you can combine to sculpt your website’s look. Let’s look a little closer.


The upper menu (1) shows types of the “building bricks” of the website. You can choose to select a whole page, as well as form it from elements like footer, header and other sections. The left side menu (2) sorts elements into understandable groups and allows you to easily navigate through the variety of modules.

drop down menu

The drop-down menu at the top of the main area also helps in sorting elements, but it filters them by the type of website they can be used for (like architecture or sports sites). When you choose the element you can either insert it onto the page or clone it to the Library.

my library

That option is really useful when you don’t want to look for the concrete element through the whole list. The elements you are working with will be listed in one place which will reduce the time for creating similar pages.


Every element you choose from the library can be customized to fit the others. It is especially convenient from the moment the Elementor development team added the style copying functionality. You can easily transfer the style settings from one element to another just by right-clicking on it. Here’s an example: let’s assume you placed two elements (pricing table and subscription form) with different styles on the page.

pricing table and subscription form

To make them look nice together you want to apply pricing table’s styling to the subscription form.


You have to click with the right mouse button on the part of the module you want to transfer and choose “Copy”.

paste style

Then go to the element you want to customize, right-click to the proper row, and choose “Paste Style”.


After copying styles of headings and buttons you will get a section that will fit perfectly to the previous one.


Magic Button is a universal set of tools that help you build the website with even more ease than before. It is a set of LEGO bricks you combine to create a web design masterpiece. And as you don’t need any coding skills, this tool will be useful for site owners of any web development mastery level.

Have you already tried Monstroid 2? Did you like it? Was the Magic Button useful for you? Hope to hear from you in the comment section below!


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