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Second to None Support Team Revealed Some Facts About Monstroid

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Hi everyone, it’s been 2 months since the release of Monstroid. For now, we’ve already told you about the major features and updates of this mega theme. It’s time to talk about some services you get purchasing Monstroid.

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One of the greatest benefits you get with this mega theme is 24/7/365 support. There you can ask any questions regarding installation, customization or updating Monstroid, or any of the child themes. Everyone who has addressed our support center got help in the shortest timeframe possible.

An important thing about Monstroid support service is following: you can contact our team in a number of ways: by phone, email or via online chat that is available right from your Monstroid's admin panel. You can ask your questions from the comfort of your chair.

An average response time is about 20.2 seconds, so you don’t have to wait to get an answer to any question you may have.

Here's another interesting fact, according to our support team' stats, barely one third of current Monstroid owners have refered to the support team. Those who used support are most WordPress newbies whose most frequent questions you can find further.

Frequently Asked Monstroid Questions

According to our statistics there are top 10 most frequently asked questions about Monstroid. Let’s take a look at them:

1) How to perform update - and avoid content missing:

To update Monstroid theme please do the following:

Perform settings backup under "Cherry > Options". Just scroll to the end of the page and locate the Export button.

Make sure you have Cherry Data Manager plugin included.

Backup your theme files ("wp-content/themes/monstroid" directory).

Delete Monstroid theme from "Appearance -> Themes" section in admin panel.

Download theme archive and follow Manual Installation to install new version of Monstroid theme or you can use Monstroid Wizard ("Tools > Monstroid Wizard"). Make sure to delete "Monstroid Wizard" plugin and reinstall it from this link before update.

Import your updated files from the backup and import Cherry Options if required.

2) Where to edit/add statics:

The Statics Area blocks can be edited in Cherry > Statics Editor. There are several available areas and a number of statics that can be added to required area.

3) How to backup/restore theme and content:

Here you can see the steps to backup Cherry options and the content of the website:
This guide shows how to restore the content from backup.

4) How to install child theme with sample data (it gets duplicated cause they never guess to delete sample pages from Monstroid theme):

In order to install the child theme on top of Monstroid theme and avoid content duplication, the content should be removed manually via WordPress admin panel.
The pages can be deleted in Pages > All Pages. The same procedure can be performed with the Posts. Menu items should be removed in Appearance > Menus.

5) What can I do if there is no way for me to change server settings (how to get it installed manually):

In case the server settings cannot be changed, the template can be installed still with the sample data included. Here you can see the steps that should be performed for manual theme installation.

6) WooCommerce does not resize images properly:

After making changes to WooCommerce image dimensions, it is required to regenerate the thumbnails with the help of the "Regenerate thumbnails" Plugin that is included to the template package.
To perform this action, navigate to Tools > Regenerate thumbnails.

7) I don't know what my Motopress license is (where to find it):

MotoPress license can be found in the additional confirmation e-mail sent to the customers by MotoPress team. In case you cannot find the license for some reason, you can view it in MotoPress account.

To access MotoPress account follow this link, enter your e-mail address and click "Lost Password".

New password will be sent to your e-mail address, you can access your account and check the licenses you owe.

8 ) MotoPress error An internal error occurred during loading Content Editor. Please submit this data to support team. TypeError: switchEditors.switchto is not a function. Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/44.0.2403.157 Safari/537.36Platform: Win32:

This error occurs when you try to access the MotoPress editor while working in Text field of the post/page. To avoid such error, switch to Visual tab and click Edit with MotoPress. The issue will be fixed in the next MotoPress update.

9) How do the Monstroid licenses work? On how many domains it can be used, etc.:

Single site license allows you to install the template on 1 main domain, 1 subdomain (e.g. and on local host.

10) Can't find PSD files:

In order to get additional PSD files you should open your confirmation e-mail and find the additional link to download PSD files.

The users rate gave our support at 4.64 of 5 points. But we keep on improving our service so you could experience using top of the line site without any delays at all.


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