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For TemplateMonster Vendors to Notice. Most Profitable Products to Sell Online in 2018

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Are you a new vendor in the marketplace? Are you looking for the ways to grow your sales and boost revenue? Do you hesitate whether or not your digital products will be in demand among the web audience? No worries! We are here to guide you in the right direction. There are dozens of product types sold at TemplateMonster.

What are the most profitable products to sell online in 2018? We are here to give you the answer.

Best Selling Product Types for 2017

Last year was busy and full of events. We saw a number of the cool releases in the marketplace. The themes submitted by the first vendors were in the big demand among the customers. We looked up at the stats and came up with a list of the top 5 best selling types of products for 2017:

  1. WooCommerce themes
  2. OpenCart themes
  3. Admin templates
  4. Landing Page themes
  5. Newsletter themes

The first theme that we added to the marketplace was Plumbing - home maintenance agency WordPress Theme. It has been downloaded for 30+ times already. We were also happy to join TemplateMonster Loyalty Program and include our digital products in the promo campaigns that are initiated by the marketplace. Currently, there are 8 products that we have uploaded to TM. These have brought us 100+ sales and that's just the beginning of our story.


Most Profitable Products to Sell Online in 2018

If you are a new vendor in the digital marketplace and look for the opportunities to make your own digital products more noticeable among the clients, then check out the following list. Such popular types of products as WordPress and Shopify themes already have their "leaders". You must have heard about the uneatable Monstroid2 and Multifly. Now, it's your time to find your place in the niche. What types of products will make you more noticeable in the marketplace? The following list of the top-trending digital products for 2018 will help you with the decision-making.


I guess I won't surprise anyone saying that code-free solutions are in the great demand among the web users today. It's both time- and cost-effective to build sites with the help of the ready-made themes that require little to no coding skills. With the help of Muse themes, both beginner and expert webmasters can create dynamic websites code-free. So, building Muse themes is your piece of cake, then go ahead and submit as many as you have to the marketplace. Here are several examples of the top-trending Muse themes for your inspiration.


most profitable products to sell online

Creative Agency

most profitable products to sell online


With the help of Drupal theme, users can feel the ease of launching blogs, personal, portfolio, and corporate sites. A well-coded and mobile-friendly Drupal theme can help the customers launch the effective and visually stunning website. There weren't many stunning Drupal releases in 2017. Don't you think that the time for the big changes has come?


most profitable products to sell online


most profitable products to sell online


You will hardly find a modern-day business that hasn't ever made use of the landing pages to engage the wider audiences with their brands or promote specific offers. Unbounce themes are intended to provide the users with the quick and worry-free experience of the effective landing pages development. These are enhanced with the drag-and-drop functionality, which facilitates the way you tweak pre-designed layouts.


most profitable products to sell online


most profitable products to sell online


There is no doubt in the fact that PowerPoint themes will be in the biggest demand in 2018. Using pre-designed slides helps professionals and businesses from the worldwide to create smart and appealing presentations worry-free. Using pre-designed PPT theme, users are provided with selections of the thought-out slides featuring all elements that are needed to deliver business ideas to the viewers.

2018 Pitch Deck

most profitable products to sell online


most profitable products to sell online


PowerPoint and KeyNote are the two most popular presentation programs in the world. While PPT is used by the large corporations that work with Microsoft Office, KeyNote is more popular in the creative areas. KeyNote is widely accepted as the most advanced tool for those who use Apple products. So, if that's the exact audience that you target, go ahead and upload creative presentations KeyNote templates to the marketplace.


most profitable products to sell online


most profitable products to sell online


The web users adore bundles! Won't you benefit from the chance to buy a pack of premium digital products at the lower cost? It's up to you to decide what types of products your bundle will contain. You can also decide on its cost (the Review Team will also recommend you with the best cost for your digital products).  This is new category of products at Still, it's in the great demand among the clients. You can also include bundles in the loyalty program and TM promo campaigns.

Ultimate Startup Bundle

most profitable products to sell online

Personal Page Bundle

most profitable products to sell online

Final Words

TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace will help you promote your digital products, thus growing your earnings and the public recognition. You should have noticed that we run huge promotional campaigns every once in a while. There are also cool online contests (like Social Stock) that are intended to engage the wider web audience with the digital products from the marketplace. You can join any of them. We only need your agreement. The rest will be done for you. 😉

P.S. Are there any types of products missing in the marketplace? Be the first to submit your unique web solution! TemplateMonster Review Team accepts all types of products for a review. So, do not miss your chance to become the pioneer in your niche!

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