Multipurpose Vs Niche Specific Templates – What is Better For Your Business?

If you are not online, you do not exist. This is the chief principle of the contemporary business world. It means that having an efficient website is essential for the survival of every type of business today. Luckily, creating a website without having any special knowledge of coding is not a problem anymore. It is quite easy to start a website using a customizable website template. Still, the problem that does exist is the abundance of choice. At the moment there are two principal types of website templates from which to choose. They are multipurpose templates and a niche templates. In order to make the correct choice, you should understand clearly what are the peculiarities of each type and in which instances it is better to use either of them.

Niche Templates

Niche marketing has been here for a long time. The theory of niche marketing emphasizes the importance of concentration of all marketing efforts upon a well-defined segment of the market. In the case with web building, niche websites are created to represent specific types of business. So, they are aimed at answering all the needs of a particular business.

On one hand, niche sites suit the chosen spheres perfectly. The design of niche websites is elaborate because its aim is to emphasize a unique brand identity. This fact also influences the choice of colors and typography. For example, if you have a look at medical websites, you will see that the color palettes are mild and calm: blue, green and white. If the purpose of the website is to entertain, the colors are bright and stunning. The same is true of the background image.

BeDentist Responsive Moto CMS Template

dentistry niche website image

Demo | Download

Niche website templates are also likely to contain tools relevant to your business. They will save you a considerable amount of time because most of the work has already been done for you. For example, if you are an owner of a restaurant business, you have the ability to download your menu with one click.

Fast Food Responsive Website Template

multipurpose responsive template

Demo | Download

A lot of niche website templates nowadays go away from “Lorem ipsum” texts and provide the users with the texts pertinent to the type of business they feature. As a result, the customer only needs to adjust them a little bit to fulfill his/her own needs.

But on the other hand, niche website templates cannot be used by another type of business or transformed to suit different needs.

One more drawback is that the number of pre-built pages in niche website templates is limited. So, if you need a freedom of choice and a wide spectrum of options, you are not likely to find them here. Still, if your website is a long-term well-planned project, a niche website is a wise choice.

In fact, most of the ready-to-use themes are niche websites, so you have a wide range of templates from which to choose.

Multipurpose Templates

The trend of multipurpose templates is comparatively new to the market. Nevertheless, multipurpose website templates are becoming more and more popular among clients successfully competing with traditional niche templates.

The very name of this website template type suggests that such templates are created to suit different purposes. They contain a number of pre-made pages that can be used for the creation of various sites.

Neutral design is a characteristic of multipurpose website templates because this way it is easier to customize it for different purposes. A soft and well-balanced color palette continues this approach. The typography of multipurpose website templates is usually simple to the point. If you are looking for something really bright and exotic, you’d better go with a niche theme and customize it.

Multipurpose Template Advantages

Multipurpose website templates can boast that they provide customers with a wide range of variations across a range of layouts and different elements. Moreover, multipurpose templates offer a zillion of widgets and multiple options to be used for effective customization. Still, this rich choice may cause a problem as well. If you are a complete novice, you may feel overwhelmed by it. Multipurpose websites are for more advanced users.

A multipurpose website template is also a wonderful choice for a web design studio. If you work with different clients it is quite convenient to have 5 different ready-to-use websites at hand to show your customers.

Moreover, MotoCMS offers its clients such a wonderful thing as a developer license. Having one you are able to create several websites using the same template. To be precise, with a niche website you will have 5 similar websites for the same business, but if you decide to choose a multipurpose site you will have 5 different websites for 5 different clients. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

One more positive aspect of purchasing a multipurpose website is that you can easily transform it for other purposes. It is quite useful when you need a website for a short-term project. When the project is over, you are able to continue using the same website template over and over again after a little bit of customizing.

Skyline Multipurpose Theme

A great example of a multipurpose website is Skyline Business, Dentistry, Architecture and Travel Moto CMS 3 Template. This wonderful template has 5 different child pages and 24 ready-to-use pre-made pages. There are also more than 100+ content blocks for you to give a touch of individuality to your website. Moreover, you are welcome to enjoy the wonderful functionality of a multitude of efficient widgets. This website template will suit a dentistry business perfectly. An architectural company or a travel agency will find Skyline irresistible too. Besides that, it would be a perfect match for a business website as well.

niche website

Demo | Download


Nowadays you are faced with a rich choice of website templates available for customizing. Still, to find the one which will help your business prosper and earn you more money is not an easy task. You should consider all pros and cons and decide what are the most important requirements for your business. Both niche website template and multipurpose templates are great assistants on your way to success. Try any of them for free before making your final choice.

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