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New Shopping Cart Launched at TemplateMonster

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We're very excited to announce that the new design and functionality of TemplateMonster shopping cart have been launched today. Some of you may have noticed that by now, some not. To those users who haven't seen it yet - go to your shopping cart and press the "Switch back to the new design of shopping cart" button at the top of the page to see the new fucntionality. Plus you will also be able to switch to the other variant (the one that basically has the old functionality) by pressing the "Switch back to the old design of shopping cart" button. Here's what the button looks like:

In a couple of words the new features of the shopping cart include a more comfortable way of displaying special offers that you may purchase along with the template you initially picked - that's one version of shopping cart.

The second variant is basically the updated design of the old shopping cart. But one major update - valid for both versions - is that the checkout process is now easier to go through due to the division into purchase stages that are intuitively easy to understand (the names of these stages vary depending on what shopping cart version you choose).

So you are now all welcome to test the new shopping cart - both variants of it. And of course we will greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Oh, and here's something for you to make the testing process more pleasant - the 30% discount code, valid for all purchases at TemplateMonster today and tomorrow. Just make sure you clear your cookies in case you've been visiting TemplateMonster website via affiliate links sometime in the past; and make sure you don't use any sorts of affiliate links now because Template Monster promocode is only valid for direct purchases from TemplateMonster. By the way, the promocode field is now located at the bottom of the first stage page of shopping cart, that's where you will have to paste the following code:


Just go and pick the template you want to purchase now!

Update: Please note that the promocode above is no longer valid now and using it will not reduce the order price. For more information on how to get Template Monster promo code visit our Promocodes Section.

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