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Welcome the Newborns: OpenCart 2.0.1 Themes

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When it comes to running a store there are lots of platforms to choose from. But still there is one that have taken its honorable place and that's OpenCart.

Just look at the picture below. The graph show the share of live OpenCart stores comparing to the top 10000 sites, top 100000, top 1 Mln sites.

opencart themes 2.0.1 reviews

Recently OpenCart released the new version of its platform – 2.0.1, there were quite a lot of major updates and minor bug fixes, here you can take a look at what's new in OpenCart 2.0.1:

  • Changed DB connection error response during install when using mysqli to use native message from mysqli
  • Removed unused text in stats menu in the admin
  • No module validation added
  • Typo fix #1929
  • Module name strip_tags #1925
  • FTP status check added 
  • Added check for compression size #1772
  • Update moment.js #1896
  • Updated affiliate link to correct OpenCart promotion page for users to get special offer.
  • Added check for current category before getting child data to improve speed.
  • Added DB indexes to OC URL table. REF: #2120

* * *

Today we're not going to talk about updates of the platform, but we'd like to present you brand new OpenCart 2.0.1 templates as well as give you a small present 🙂 So first things first:


OpenCart 2.0.1 Themes Features

Here is a brief outline of the features that make our OpenCart 2.0.1 templates really special:

  • Fully responsive design;
  • OCmod – virtual file modification;
  • Redesigned admin area and front end;
  • More payment gateways included in the standard download;
  • Event notification system;
  • Custom form fields;
  • Quick view;
  • Sticky menu;
  • Ajax-search;
  • Parallax effect;
  • Background video;
  • Lazy load effect:
  • Automatic Image Resizing;
  • Multiple Tax Rates;
  • Related Products;
  • Unlimited Information Pages;
  • Shipping Weight Calculation;
  • Discount Coupon System;
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  • Unlimited Module Instance System;
  • Backup & Restore Tools;
  • Printable Invoices;
  • Sales Reports;
  • Error Logging;
  • Multi-Language;
  • Multi-Currency;
  • Product Reviews;
  • Product Ratings;
  • Downloadable Products;
  • PCI Compliant.

Apart from functional filling our designers did a great job making these themes look really sexy. Let's have a look at things that make these templates look really amazing.

Image Hovers

When hovering one of these images you will see this nice twitching of image and text, the screenshot will not present you this effect that's why you need to check out the live demo.

opencart templates 2.0.1 reviews

There are some other nice examples of hover effect, take a look at this gift store template. Hovering those circles you will see a small cart icon spinning around.

opencart templates 2.0.1 reviews



Video background

Best example would be this lingerie store template, where beautiful girl dances and calls you to buy some accessories for your significant other.





As for the menu looks - Fireworks store template can boast with a really nice hover effect. Taking your mouse away from each of the menu items you can see some red lines running through the item. Looks really cool.

opencart themes 2.0.1 reviews




Every template of our brand new OpenCart 2.0.1 collection can boast with some really great Parallax implementation. See the live demos to check them out in action: Fireworks store, gift store, lingerie store, watches store, and the tires store.

opencart themes 2.0.1 reviews



Lazy Load

To save your server's memory and improve site's loading speed, our devs found it really necessary to add lazy load effect to all OpenCart 2.0.1 compatible templates.

opencart templates 2.0.1 reviews



Language support

And one of the most important things, every template comes mated with three language packs giving you and opportunity to sell your products simply everywhere. There you will find English, German and Russian languages.

* * *

Here is a small gallery that showcases newly designed OpenCart templates.

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*Click to zoom.

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That's it guys, got anything to aks, feel free to drop us a line in the comments below.

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