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Orange Color in Web Design [Infographics]

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Can you name the most positive and friendly color? Yes, it’s orange – the next one in our series about color psychology. This infographic will tell you about the power of this funny and dynamic color in web design and enclose its controversial nature. Welcome, Orange Color in Web Design [Infographics].

Orange is a mix of red+yellow. It’s less aggressive than red, and features approximately the same attention-grabbing power. It perfectly works when you’re choosing color for СTA button, and for some reason don’t want to use Red or Green – the most popular and effective colors in this case. Applying it for text highlights you can get the same effect as red color produces.

Why Orange is Positive?

It’s color of a citrus fruit, which is strongly associated with sun, summer, happiness, vitamins and health. Brighter shades of orange give more energetic and positive look, while its faded versions are more soothing.

Orange Dichotomy

You can love it or hate it – this saying fully describes the contradictive nature of orange. Action and caution – these are two opposite ideas behind the color. On one side, it communicates energy, life, activity. On the other side, it’s widely used with a safety meaning: on traffic cones, tow truck lights, and other construction zone markers. It’s possible because of high attention-grabbing power.

One more contradiction of orange is the effect it produces in site design. It perfectly works for communicating sociability, enthusiasm, vibrancy, activity and productivity of your business. At the same time, it can suggest cheapness. The tip is to choose the right shade of this color, and apply it sparingly on the site.

Working with orange makes you happy and your projects optimistic, productive and friendly. It works best for highlighting certain areas of the site, and focusing attention on them. It’s really attention-arresting without being too overpowering. Check out the infographics to learn more about it.

Orange Color in Web Design [Infographics]

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