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Premium Or Free WordPress Themes: A Constant Battle

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It is a well-known fact that WordPress is a free content management system that started as an easy to use blogging tool and eventually became something outstanding. It’s an excellent fit for almost anything you require on the net. As it is an open source platform, anyone with updated knowledge can work on it and make improvisations accordingly.

These days, there is a wide range of WordPress themes available online that leave you in a position where you need to decide which one to go for: Free WordPress themes or Premium WordPress themes. Premium WordPress themes are sure to allure you with its unique appearance and quality-rich functionalities, while free WordPress themes are forever tempting because of its no cost. To refrain any confusion while considering free or premium WordPress themes, it is essential to equip yourself with the requisite knowledge and know the pros and cons of each option for making an informed decision. The questions that haunt everyone nowadays is whether opt for free WordPress themes or premium WordPress themes.

Before jumping into the differences between the two themes, let’s first know about free WordPress themes and Premium WordPress themes.

Premium WordPress Themes

Anything that comes with an oath of excellence and quality has a little price value attached to it. It is not necessary that the things you get for free may serve your purpose. Premium WordPress themes are gaining immense popularity nowadays because of the various advantages they have to offer. Smart businessmen know very well that premium WordPress themes will give an exceptional appeal to the site that will make it look professional yet elegant.

Premium WordPress themes are designed by the trained professional and coded with the aim of catering to the market which is willing to pay for getting a better product. These themes come equipped with the latest features, services, and functionalities than their free counterpart and are sold for a fixed price.

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Free WordPress Themes

As the name goes, free WordPress themes come for free. These themes are mostly used by startups who do not wish to spend a considerable sum on premium themes for their websites. Though these themes also come loaded with varied features and functionalities, they are not updated on a regular basis.

Let’s check out the important reasons for choosing premium themes over free WordPress themes:

1. Exceptional Support:

An ultimate benefit of using premium WordPress themes is the outstanding customer support offered by the theme developers. But in case of a free theme, it all depends on you to sort out the issues that come while setting up your site. You do not get any support from the theme owners.

On the other hand, premium WordPress themes come with top-priority support from the experts. If you face any issue, all you need to do is to email, call or ticket support for getting help to solve your problems or even make minute improvisations to the theme. Getting the opportunity to access the best support from the professionals who work for long and dedicated hours ensure that your products work and save your ample of time.

2. Top quality:

Free WordPress themes that you get from are often well-coded, which eliminates the chances of running into major code errors. However, there might be instances when the codes in various free themes are not adequately organized and SEO optimized. In such a scenario, you may run into problems when you try to debug them.

On the other hand, premium themes are well-designed, optimally coded and tested thoroughly by experts ensuring that they are error-free. The highly professional approach enables the theme providers to design out of the box, standards-compliant, up-to-date and secure WordPress themes. You can count on your premium themes for having neat and clean code compliance with advanced coding practices. This feature makes the customization of the theme extremely easy to execute if you need to modify any of the codes in the coming future.

3. Constant Update:

WordPress is continuously improving with its each latest version. In every few months, major updates are coming in WordPress Core. With every new release, they enhance the performance, fix errors, add the latest features and modify the existing features for remaining up to date with the latest market standards.

With an old theme, you are not only left out on the latest functionalities and securities but also risk your website’s safety. One of the vital aspects of keeping your WordPress website protected and making sure that it runs seamlessly to remain up to date with everything. Thus, it is advisable to opt for premium WordPress themes as they are likely to be created with the latest web standards in mind. The up to date premium WordPress themes ensure that the website performs efficiently and keeps you on top.

4. SEO-friendly:

It is not necessary for all WordPress themes to be designed with a SEO-friendly feature as the developers need to work hard for making the search engine friendly to enhance your organic traffic. This is the main reasons why several blogs that use free WordPress themes do not get any traffic from search engines.

But in case of premium WordPress themes, almost every theme aims at enhancing search engine traffic. The developers ensure to design search engine friendly designs that are sure to take your business to new levels.

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Ending Notes

When you plan to start a new business, free WordPress themes are sure to grab your attention to create your website. It looks fantastic as it comes equipped with all the features. But, once you have established your foundation, you will require more features and functionalities for your website. And, only premium themes can meet your requirements. Thus, you can try out free themes but for an exceptional site, go for premium themes. Feel free to share your views in the comment box below.

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