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PrestaShop Themes Renewed: Sample Data Installer Module

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PrestaShop is an amazing platform empowering more than 90K around the world. Among all shopping carts it's easy to install and use. Being powered by an opensource community you can get support on any issue you may experince, this is a stronger site of an 'open source thing'.

One of our goals is to make your experince with TemplateMonster's Prestashop themes as enjoyable as it's possible, this is the reason why once in a while we're releasing major updates of your product lines.

So, today we'd like to present you the latest exploitation of our devs - PrestaShop sample data installer module.

What Is It?

PrestaShop sample data installer - is a module that allows you install quickly and easily the full version of a PrestaShop template (with pictures of products, categories, settings, etc.) After installation you'll get a fully-functioning and fully-configured store, the one you can see on any livedemo.

Why Would You Need It?

This module was designed to simplify the process of template installation. From now on to install a full version (sample data) pattern, there is no need to manually copy the theme files, pictures of products and establish a dump in phpmyadmin. Now just go through 4 simple steps in the admin PrestaShop:

  • Log in into the module;
  • Choose and download files (supported as a normal file selection, and drag-n-drop them in);
  • Wait till the dump fuil gets installed;
  • Go to the images settings page and regenerate thumbnails.

This procedure is followed up with tips and takes from 5 to 10 minutes.

How does it work?

The module is created in a way that it can be used with TempateMonster's themes only, cause they're packed in a special way. Along with the module itself there comes an archiver, which generates template file in one click, but also encodes the contents of the archive. This was done to save the store from breaking in case customer decides to install some third-party template.


Where Can You Get It?

[mfc_lightbox]sdi2[/mfc_lightbox]The module comes packed with our PrestaShop templates. After you've imported the template in the admin panel there appears a new menu item, and a message pops up notifying that a new module was installed and site admin can use it.

As a result every PrestaShop theme owner will have a useful module that allows to setup the full version of the template in 2-3 clicks as well as a script, which simplifies greatly the process of template packing.

* * *

That's it, guys. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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