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Purple Color in Web Design [Infographics]

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Derive inspiration from a series a color anatomy infographics, learn tips of effective color usage, and discover their genuine power in web design. Today I offer you to take a closer look, analyze, and feel the creative vibration of the most mysterious Purple Color in Web Design.

The Mystery of Purple

Stepping a bit away from design, purple is the color of the crown chakra, the one located at the top of your head. This chakra links with nervous system, brain. Its color is purple and its power is a deep spiritual understanding. This is one of the reasons for associating purple with spirituality, creativity and exceptional mental abilities.

Purple Designs

Web design makes use of this purple power for creating designs with a huge engaging potential, and driving people in. Purple designs are always extravagant, creative, sophisticated. Purple is a sure-fire choice for:

  • luxury look
  • premium quality services
  • beauty products

It’s a known fact that purple is traditionally considered a feminine color. It strongly appeals to women, and that’s why it’s is the right choice for marketing messages of beauty and fashion websites. It’s especially good for promoting anti-age products in cosmetology. Pre-adolescent children like this color, so as 18-25 year-olds. The latter see it as extremely sexy and rebellious. That's the reason for its wide usage in websites for night clubs.

Purple is among the least favorite colors by men. At the same time, they give a positive feedback to dark purple. Take into account these gender preferences while designing your purple website.

Purple features stimulation of red and calm of blue.

Applying various shades of purple to a site, you can get different results (emotions, and influences on the audience). Check out the most popular of them, the perfect mixes, and get more out of your purple designs.

Our color psychology series of infographics is aimed at showing you how to make a bigger impact on your site visitors, unleash the potential of your designs and make them efficient. Today let’s learn more about purple, and get ready for a fresh portion of color anatomy the next time.

Purple Color in Web Design

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