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Question and Answer Session with David Braun [Ask the Monster]

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Do you follow us on social networks? That's very nice of you. What is your favorite medium? Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube? Each network has its pros, so I use all of them. Everything depends on the purpose I wish to achieve at a particular moment.

The younger generation prefers to watch videos because they are fun, visually appealing and easier to understand than text. Loyal TemplateMonster customers know quite well that we have a channel on YouTube, where you can find different playlists with tutorials as well as other information on many web development related topics.

For instance, if you are a little puzzled with your WordPress theme customization, you can watch WordPress Tutorials by TemplateMonster on YouTube that will explain all the basics to you.

However, this compilation of videos gathered below is of another kind. Do you follow our 'Ask the Monster' playlist on YouTube? I mean the playlist where David Braun, CEO & co-founder of TemplateMonster, answers web development community members' questions.

It's a very interesting experiment from my perspective. David is one of the famous industry influencers, so his answers are well-grounded, sometimes they are unexpected, sometimes surprising, and so on. His standpoint on essential web design matters is really valuable for people just starting up, smaller companies, freelancers and simply ambitious creatives who want to reach success in the web design and development business.

There is something very thrilling about these videos. On the one hand you can pry out all of TemplateMonster's secrets, and on the other hand, you can be sure that you get the answer directly from the company's CEO & co-founder, and not just from some guy in their support service.

You can see how everything takes place: David just reads your question calling you by name and then gives you a straightforward reply. There are no awkward or stupid questions, you can ask anything you would like to know, just like those people in the playlist.

Are you ready to try this out? Then, prepare your tricky questions and see how David will deal with them.

Previous sessions: part 1, part 2.

Ask the Monster: I broke up with my girlfriend, David, please ask her to come back to me.

Ask the Monster: Exclusive & non-exclusive terms of cooperation with you. What is the benefit?

Ask the Monster: What books should I read before starting a business on the Internet?

Ask the Monster: Where would you invest a million dollars?

Ask the Monster: What should I do to attract lots of customers?

Ask the Monster: What is the difference between TemplateMonster and ThemeForest?

Ask the Monster: How much money will be generated by a developer who adds his template to your marketplace?

Ask the Monster: You are ready to sell Shopify themes for only $2. Is it a marketing strategy?

Ask the Monster: How can I join your marketplace?

Did you get the answer to your question here? Not sure? Hmm... Do you know what to do? Ask the Monster and watch the video with David discussing your problem and trying to help you out.

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