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Top 6 Reasons to Join TemplateMonster Marketplace [For Vendors Exclusively]

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Since the official launch of TemplateMonster digital marketplace in summer 2017, more than 1,000 vendors have already joined the platform and started to sell their own products for profit. Offering the most lucrative benefits for vendors, TemplateMonster stands out from the rest of the digital marketplaces for a number of reasons.

So, make yourself comfortable!

Here are the top 8 reasons why vendors should start selling digital products at TemplateMonster.

#1 Sell Exclusive & Non-exclusive Items

This is one of the top reasons why you should join the marketplace. TemplateMonster lets vendors sell both exclusive and non-exclusive digital products at the same time. The progressive commission plan lets you earn as much as 70% from the sale of the exclusive items and 40% for the non-exclusive digital products. The number of items that a vendor can send for a review is not limited. There are also no restrictions on the number of categories that a vendor can assign to 1 theme.

#2 Well-established Themes Provider with 24/7 Free Support

Joining TemplateMonster digital marketplace, you make your products accessible to the community of more than 6 million customers. The company was established in 2002 and managed to win the hearts of millions of users from worldwide.

For more than 15 years of its history, TemplateMonster has gained the reputation of the most reliable provider of digital products. All premium solutions are sold with the free 24/7 support. This makes the audience feel certain that a professional technical support team won't leave them alone in the case of any troubles. Becoming a vendor, you will get you digital products supported by the marketplace for free. This will help you grow the audience and boost earnings.

For example, take a look at the rating of the top-performing vendors from the marketplace:

Generating more than 1,000 sales in the first couple of months. Looks impressive, don't you think? Now, imagine that you can attain similar or even better results with your own developments!

#3 Client-Friendly

It's impressively easy to make purchases in the marketplace. Each client can ask the customer support managers for the advice of the best themes that can meet their personal requirements in the pre-sales chat or via a phone call.

dr evil phone GIF

#4 Regular Promo Campaigns

TemplateMonster runs seasonal promo campaigns every once in a while. Customers love these. They wait for the opportunity to grab the preferred digital products at the lower price. Every vendor can decide whether he wants the price of his themes to be slashed or not.

If a vendor joins the seasonal sale, he grows the changes to sell more digital products, thus boosting sales. Moreover, the better a vendor promotes his offers, the higher earning he can attain.

randy marsh GIF by South Park

TemplateMonster promotes the digital products from the marketplace through its own channels (like a blog, affiliate partners, email newsletter, social media, video reviews, etc).

All vendors can promote their digital products on their own sites/blogs/social media pages in order to get maximum revenue during promo campaigns.

#5 Best Affiliate Program on the Market

TemplateMonster Affiliate program provides lucrative offers to the clients. Everyone who joins the program and sells themes the affiliate links can earn up to 30% commission from the first sale. Each consecutive order placed by the same lead will bring you 10% commission.

There is also a progressive commission plan available. This suggests that the more orders you generate with your own affiliate link, the higher commission rates you will be granted. It works like this:

  • 0 -19 sales per month = 30% commission rate
  • 20 – 199 = 35%
  • 200 – 299 = 40%
  • 300 – 499 = 45%
  • 500 + = 50%

Additionally, affiliates are provided with the 24/7 support by the affiliate team, banners and showcases, s65 days cookies, multiple payment methods, and a whole lot of other technologies that will help you become a truly successful affiliate.

#6 Loyalty Program

The loyalty program was presented not so long ago. Still, it has already received a number of the positive feedback from the customers. As a vendor, you can decide whether you want your digital products to participate in the loyalty program or not. Buying a theme that's included in the loyalty program, a customer can earn up to 30% of cashback bonuses. These can be spent on the new purchases in the marketplace. How can you benefit from it? The loyalty program will bring you more returning customers, and thus more impressive earnings.

Are you in?

Become a vendor in the TemplateMonster marketplace today! Watch the earning grow and the public recognition boost!

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