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First Responsive Templates Launched on TemplateMonster

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We are here to proudly announce that a bunch of brand new Responsive Templates are now available at TemplateMonster. These gorgeous, modern templates are based on flexible designs that adjust to different types of screen resolutions.

This means that every single responsive template available on TemplateMonster will be adaptable to any device people use to enter the website that is based on this template. Technically we achieve this with the help of CSS3 media queries, so it's all good for most of the browsers and devices you may use to access the website. You may even see how template layout switches by playing with the browser window width - adjust it while viewing any demo to see how the layout changes. However, to our readers who love old junk browsers - or should we politely call these browsers 'vintage' - we must say that the the dynamic screen size adjuster won’t work in the old versions of Internet Explorer. We assume that people browsing websites based on these templates will be browsing mobile web with Safari, Firefox, or Opera Mini and other mobile browsers which have no problems with CSS3.

Responsive website templates include several layouts, each optimized for proper screen resolution. In fact there are many width options included, but the major ones are for desktop, tablet, and 2 sizes of smartphone screens.

  • desktop layout (980px);
  • tablet layout (768px);
  • smartphone layout – landscape (480px);
  • smartphone layout – portrait (320px).

These 4 primary layout types as well as secondary ones get activated in the corresponding screen resolutions. Again, to see these responsive layouts in action, please check out the templates' live demos and drag and drop the browser window edges to adjust the width. After that you can take a tour around our responsive templates and decide what design you need for your new adaptive website.

All information about responsive web design is included into the following interactive infographic feel free to check it out.

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Blackbird Business Responsive Template

Here goes responsive template that will scale seamlessly to suit any browser width. This design is remarkable for having a skeleton οf content area split into columns, besides it has a drop-down menu, icons accompanying textual passages to favor a quicker visual read of the link, and definitely a jQuery slider with the Macbook imagery that has got the main relevance and is used to display multiple images in a limited space. This responsive layout perfectly serves many width options, get the feel of it playing with the template live demo and resizing your browser window.

* * *

Mohawkedev Internet Responsive Template

The featured internet services related web template combines a spectacular slider that has a content overlay with intelligent responsive layout that scales to suit your browser width. In that the design could be perfect for business, web development, and consulting companies. Among other best practices introduced within this new template we can mention the color choice, drop-down menu, attractive typography and buttons, comforting background texture, and more. This template will help you deal with various devices used to display your solid website.

* * *

SafeWorld Charity Responsive Template

As in every other responsive website template, this design, if being seen in smartphone version, embraces horizontal panels for navigation. All unessential elements are simply eliminated to get the layout optimized for mobile web standards. Plus having a larger clickable area, this navigation option greatly helps fingertip content browsing. Other sweet features of this charity template are content division lines that run zigzag, the dichotomy of black and white colors, red highlight upon hover, and also an attractive slider with cute transparency elements, which is being preserved on every of the available layouts.

* * *

Politician's Website Responsive Template

If you want your political website to become responsive, consider this new adaptive template which is an elegant minimal design that dynamically adjusts to all screen sizes and devices. Such layout perfectly serves many goals; it has highly customizable options and dynamic width features for the clear imagery, neat typography, plus its column-based layout is especially useful for categorical grouping of content. This responsive design will provide a consistent experience across various available screen resolutions.

* * *

Shevas Business Responsive Template

This responsive template has a very subtle stripe texture that accents the content area and gives the design a classy style. Overall, this clean-cut layout is made for business company website and also includes a jQuery slider that is wide enough to properly render the image content you need. Within the layout you can as well find a neat slider for testimonials area – great solution to save space and display important changeable content. For the popular and newest entries there is even a tabbed navigation applied. Also spot the color highlights when you hover over the features overview, this is another great trick this high-end responsive template offers for you.

* * *

Gordon Brothers Responsive Template

If you want a head start in your new responsive design, here is another business website template that can be used for such needs. The current template seamlessly caters to different media formats, plus it comes with a changeable navigation menu and a slick slider that both adapt to the device on which they're displayed. If to scale the browser window and see what tricks are introduced within its adaptable layout, we can spot the vertical grouping of visual content, different color styles that bring really great sense of contrast, and a slider which handles high volumes of images. In general, all the necessary elements are housed within the scope of a certain screen resolution.

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  1. You should add a QR code so we can see these templates on our phones easier.  
    Thanks…good post!

  2. Well you are on the right track. It is nearly impossible to find a horse themed /cabin lodging/ski packages/Fishing  themed (Hotel) Template. Make one of these and I will pay for it. (Purchased more than 10 templates and love your products).

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