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Flexible Subscription Plans Inside Shopify Membership: Save up to 99% on Shopify Themes [Yearly Economy Up to $43,090!]

shopify themes subscription plans
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We are happy to announce a brand new, cost-efficient way to buy Shopify themes, and give you a chance to save up to 99% ($43,000+) by choosing one of our Shopify subscription plans.

Shopify is one of the most popular and easy-to-use eCommerce platforms existing. Although it is not free, its price is justified by its intuitiveness, great support and the fact that you don’t have to pay for hosting or maintain the software: your store is fully managed by the Shopify team. You only need to install a theme, personalize it, and upload your products.

When it comes to eCommerce, choosing a right design is just as important as offering high-quality products, competitive prices, and great customer support.

shopify discount
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Why choose Shopify themes by TemplateMonster?

Our premium Shopify templates are of the highest quality possible.

Each of them boasts a cutting-edge, conversion-driven design, a wide array of customization options, a variety of integrated plugins, SEO-optimization, and stellar support. They are 100% responsive and mobile-friendly, which is so important in the age of mobile shopping.

From now on, you can subscribe to one of our plans, save a lot of money, and get much more than you pay for.

Check them out and compare the subscription prices:

shopify subscription plans

Bronze Plan ($228, $19/mo): 60 themes, 5 themes/month;

Silver Plan ($348, $29/month): 120 themes, 10 themes/month;

Gold Plan ($588, $49/month): unlimited themes, unlimited downloads;

Single Site License (for comparison): $139 for 1 theme.

Why would I need that many templates?

You may ask:

Why would I need more than one Shopify template? I’m running only one online store.

Say, you purchase the cheapest 1-year subscription plan (Bronze), which allows you to download 60 themes for only $228/year. 60 themes is more than any category in our collection includes. This means that you can try out every theme suitable for your shop without any restrictions.

You will be able to download any 5 themes at the first onset, and 5 more each consecutive month during the year.

You can test various designs, compare their performance and choose the one that fits you best.

If you are running a restaurant business you get access to all the restaurant Shopify themes from our collection (30 items as of today), plus 30 themes from other categories, or any other themes that will be released during the year. And if you ever decide to launch another online store, 30 themes will be already at your disposal.

This entire splendor will cost you less than 2 regular theme licenses.

As for the developers

If you are a developer, you already know how beneficial these money-saving bundles and subscriptions are. You need an individual theme license for each of your web design projects, so the less are your expenses on templates – the more you will be able to earn.

What plan should you choose?

It depends on the number of your clients.

With the Gold plan, you can download all themes right away. In this case, each theme will cost you less than $2, which is almost free.

You will be able to build 300+ websites for your clients for the price of 4 regular theme licenses.

silver plan shopify

The Silver plan is a golden medium (no pun intended). It is suitable for smaller teams of developers that don’t want to buy everything at once. It gives you access to 120 Shopify templates over a year – 10 themes each month.

What Do They Think About Shopify Membership?

Your Shopify Service is Awesome!

My name is Mark Bechtholt, I am a Co-founder and CEO of and have been marketing, developing, and owning Shopify themes for the past 6 years.

I think a service like the one TemplateMonster is creating could really be a game changer for Shopify website owners and marketers. One of the biggest pain points that businesses run into when building a website with Shopify is not knowing how each template will perform without first purchasing it.

This can be a big issue as once you have bought one you feel obligated to use even if it isn’t a perfect fit. With the TemplateMonster subscription, I could download multiple templates and trial them before figuring out the one I ultimately want to use.

I love the concept!

Mark Bechtholt,

Co-Founder and CEO at FameMoose.

Every store owner has different resources available to them, some store owners are comfortable updating the theme and some are very hands off in the process and outsource to professionals.

Overall, I think the idea of Shopify themes membership is interesting as the process of finding the best theme to start off with is challenging. This gives the opportunity to test drive many themes for one fixed cost and settle on your favorite. After choosing the best theme the store owner is most likely to customize it to their liking and maybe build out new functionality. After customization goes into effect it's unlikely they'll be switching themes completely anytime soon based on the sheer amount of work and effort already committed.

If I were a developer, I would use the service right away. I would be able to pull from a plethora of store themes and do less customization work to deliver to the customer. Why rebuild the wheel when you have tons of great themes to work off of compared to building from scratch?

Brian Lim,

CEO of iHeartRavesEmazing Lights, and INTO THE AM

I run two business on Shopify. The domains are and I used WordPress in the past, but for the last two years I switched to Shopify and am happy I did. Shopify fits all my needs, it is extremely easy to set up and you don't have to find a separate hosting company to host your website. The main feature about Shopify that
I really like is the easy print and ship. This is a huge time-saver for me and has allowed me to take on a lot more sales. The Shopify apps are great as well and integration is so easy with all the apps. I use 5 different apps in my store including referral programs and product review apps. I would highly recommend using Shopify membership for retail businesses.


Wrapping up

The premium subscription launches today, on 08/11/2017. Choose your plan and power up your eCommerce business, or build hundreds of premium quality online stores for your clients as a developer.

Click right here and start your theme downloading spree


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