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Use A Secret 35% MotoCMS 3 Discount: The Key is Inside

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Here’s a short note about a secret 35% discount for ALL Moto CMS templates, which only the TemplateMonster blog readers will know about. It’s NOT announced on the website and you CAN’t FIND it in a MotoCMS section. This is a special bonus for you, dear MotoCMS fans.

So, what’s the discount?

What's the size of the discount: 35%.

What items are discounted: all MotoCMS templates.

Who can use the discount: only those who have the key.

What’s the key?

The key is this link. Only by using it, you’ll be able to save 35% on any MotoCMS template.

 Hurry up, the secret discount is valid untill Friday, February 3!

 And before you go on to the templates, you might be interested in the recently released MotoCMS templates.

Previously About MotoCMS

Your Tavern Moto CMS Template

My Tavern

Demo More Info

What do customers need to know about a restaurant? They need to know how it looks like,  it the food is good there and where they can find it. In order to answer their first question, you may use powerful imagery of this template, in order to answer their second question, you may connect your website to the social media channels where they can find the reviews, and in order to answer their question about your location, use a Google map which is situated at the very bottom of the template.

Createso Moto CMS Template


Demo More Info

A Parallax effect used in this web design makes the look of the template really deep. Create a neat project where you’ll put all the necessary information on your business. Pay attention to the fact that a hero image is not full-screen, as opposed to commonly-used full-screen images. This creates a “window effect”, which is particularly useful for projects related to building and constructing.

SofaRoom Moto CMS Template


Demo More Info

If you are a furniture business owner, you may consider using this recently-released MotoCMS template. The same Parallax effect used in the previous design is also accompanied by a neat contact form and widgets. Don’t overlook a possibility to use a testimonial section - this raises trust towards a business immensely.

Pool Cleaning Moto CMS Template


Demo More Info

When looking for a pool cleaning template, you need to make it meets the following 3 requirements: it is well-designed, it follows latest web design trends and it’s responsive. All these 3 things are applied in this design, making it a great option for pool-related projects.

Psychologist Moto CMS Template


Demo More Info

In projects like this, trustworthiness is the key. However, just placing testimonials may be not enough - the color combination and the overall design need to be welcoming and cozy. The designers of this template have reached this aim thanks to a mild brown color palette, darkened background which you see when you Parallax-scroll the website, and using no superfluous design features. They kept it simple and elegant.

Hotels Moto CMS Template


Demo More Info

You don’t need to hire a developer to get a modern responsive hotel website. Take a look at this template and see how it could fit your project - it uses ghost buttons, hover effects and golden color, which altogether make a great combination.

Taxi Moto CMS Template


Demo More Info

A symbolic taxi-yellow color establishes the association immediately. Put a telephone number on a hero image, repeat it several times, use a contrast between dark and yellow color - in other words, leverage from the design. Remember, that the look of your website matters a lot in your branding.

Welding Moto CMS Template


Demo More Info

Welding projects need a web design which would look serious and reliable. In this template particularly these things are achieved by using sharp corners, orange color which symbolizes fire and sparks and hover effects which help you navigate easily on the website.

Solar Energy Moto CMS Template


Demo More Info

For some reason, when you think about a solar energy website, you imagine it to be airy. No features upon which a visitor's look could stumble, nothing that could make it look heavy. Have a look at this web design - it fully corresponds the idea of how a solar energy design should look like.

Vet Moto CMS Template


Demo More Info

This vet template will hold all the information you need your customer to know - what exactly your clinic offers, what your customers say about you, where they can find you etc. A classic combination of blue and white doesn’t distract a visitor’s attention from the content on the website.

All in all, these are 10 recently-released templates which may help you create a successful project. Keep in mind, that all of them are responsive and easy to customize. Enjoy your web designing and use the secret discount!


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