SEO for Business: Vital Points No One Should Miss While Optimizing for Leading Search engines

SEO for Business
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Most of your users are currently using Google to look for products and brands they are interested in. A select few do use Yahoo! Moreover, Bing, but the majority of traffic for any standard website comes from Google. According to a compilation of statistics from Smart Insights, the first position in the Google search results list garners about 23% of the total traffic for non-brand internet searches. About 75% of the people, who use the internet on a regular basis, do not look beyond the first page of relevant search results. According to the Vicenza SEO team, if your website is not among the top 10 search results, about 75% of the population will only miss your site.

Why do companies invest in SEO plans?

Almost all businesses that have come after 2013 have their high-quality SEO plans. Search engine optimization is the basic set up that will enable your company to stay on top of all relevant search results. Search engine optimization boosts organic ranks and organic traffic. It is entirely different from PPC or pays per click campaigns. The latter is akin to increasing traffic and conversion rates by paid advertising on search engines and social networking sites. SEO optimizes websites for ranking high on the organic search result sections of any search engine. Since most users prefer Google, experts opine, optimizing your site for Google is enough to garner at least 90% of your regular traffic unless your users have a particular niche search engines.

Keyword searches form the base of every SEO plan

SEO starts with basic keyword research. These keywords need to be relevant to your website, products, and your content. Specific product names and service names also form a part of an SEO oriented keyword search. Search engine optimization uses these keywords to optimize the backend codes of your website. Your title tags, header tags, meta tags, and descriptions form a part of your keyword-centric content. Your site needs to create and curate content that your target users are already looking for. This is what composes SEO.

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Stay away from keyword stuffing black hatters

Including lots of trending keywords does not make it SEO. You may sell mobile phones, but you may end up using trending keywords for beauty and fashion industries. Using random keywords that have no relevance to your products and services will bear no positive effects on your sales traffic. You need to use an active and relevant keyword game that draws in the right kind of traffic. This will couple your high CTR with a healthy conversion rate. On the other hand, using too many high volume yet irrelevant keywords will attract the wrong kind of attention to your site. Google may even penalize your site and push you to the bottom of every SRL for the next few months.

The best kind of SEO uses informative, original content. High-quality and high-volume keywords may seem lucrative. However, they have more competition. Almost all well-performing websites look towards using these high-volume keywords in their content on a regular basis. Try creating educational content with FAQ sections to attract the attention of Google and your target audience. You need original content that includes credible high-quality backlinks. Include only a handful of well-researched keywords. Do not overstuff your keywords. Overstuffing has always been a part of black-hat SEO. To date, Google has never taken kindly to black hatters who try to divert traffic by misguiding search engine bots and users.

Invest in a long-term SEO plan

SEO is an ongoing process. You cannot just "SEO" a website once and call it done. If you rank #1 today, you may rank #9 tomorrow. While it can be because Google released a new algorithm or your website is not as optimized as the previous day, in most cases, it is the competition. Your competitor websites can always better optimize their sites for business. Google loves to see new content in the form of blogs, videos, case studies, whitepapers, and infographics. Google also loves high-quality link building. Thus, all websites who keep SEO as a regular effort get more preference from the leading search engine as compared to sites who optimize their site once in a blue moon. Think of it this way – your customers need something new every day. So, how can you improve your site performance just once and call it “optimized”?


Your SRL ranking is a mark of credibility

A good SEO plan should offer credibility to your business. Ranking in the top 3 positions of Google search results is a huge "brand" stamp in itself. Any website that ranks within the top 3 positions enjoys a higher audience. They appear more reliable to the users. If your site ranks on the first page, you will enjoy a much greater traffic than you are enjoying right now. The top 3 positions garner almost 50% of the total CTR of the first page. It is effortless, if you are looking for an electrician, wouldn't you be more comfortable calling someone from the first 3 search results on the first page of the SRLs? This is a subconscious decision most of your customers and potential customers make each day before buying a product or a service.

Today, SEO is an integral part of advertising. It also has the highest return on investment in the field of publicity. It is an inbound marketing strategy, which is in-line with your content and the products/services you are selling. You simply show up as a result of relevant searches. Your presence tells people to buy from you when they are already considering buying a similar service or product. This is why SEO is so highly successful in bringing more sales to the top contenders of your industry.

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