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How to Shop for Reliable Hosting Partner?

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Yes. Does the hosting partner you choose does affect your SEO? No. it does not guarantee the first rank. Well, that is the truth about the relationship hosting and SEO share. It may sound pessimistic, but in reality, choosing the right host will help you bypass a host of problems.

What are the most common deciding factors when you are out for host-shopping?

  • Uptime/downtime: who does not like to be online 24x7? You need to make sure; your host uptime is as close to 100% as possible. Now, getting a host, which can guarantee 100%, uptime is just a fairytale for website owners. You need a good host who has an extensive list of clients who confirm their next to nil downtimes.
  • Speed: speed contributes directly to your website ranking on Google, and the search giant has confirmed the fact. Your SEO can fluctuate every month. In fact, you can see significant changes in rankings every week if you are vigilant enough. SEO is not a permanent “solution” or a quick fix. Choosing the right host will not give you the keys to a magical place where you are always #1. You need to work for it. Your speed should be consistent with the package you are paying for. If your site speed drops, contact the representative immediately.
  • Technology: HTTP/2 is the future. It is over 10x faster than the original HTTP version. Your website needs it for faster caching and high-speed delivery of content. Your company should also be comfortable with CDNs. While some high-end companies provide free CDNs, smaller ones can charge a nominal amount for the added services. This is a collection of a network of proxy servers from around the world.

Since it is not always possible to tell how committed a hosting company is. You should try the following to determine the efficacy of their current hosting packages in the view of your business plans.

Hosting hacks

Always start off by paying on a monthly basis. Avoid all kinds of long-term contracts even if your hosting company promises a 14-day trial period. Chances are, they will slack off after giving you the premium taste. If you are not under a long-term contract, you can quickly move on to the next server. Even if you are paying on a quarterly basis, paying your hosting agency a couple of extra hundreds is much better than running a slow site with zero impact for months.

Location is more important than you think

We know companies based in New York who get their hosting from Germany or China. Well, we are sure they are getting great technical support. However, any data that comes via the trans-
Atlantic submerged cables are slower than local data, and this is a fact! You want your sites to be nifty. Even an extra second can cost you hundreds of dollars in business.

Another factor is quite curious. If you were located in Chandler, you would rank higher for Chandler SEO if you were using a local host. This is a new trend in search engine optimization that is making its presence felt in the world of local hosting.When people search for your business with the specific location "Chandler," you are more likely to show up if your IP is local. Any foreign IP like the ones in Russia, Germany or China are going to trail behind since they are less likely to be relevant.

Servers on multiple continents sound cool, we agree. However, you need speed more than cool. A close-knit connection is much faster in comparison. There's an exception, however, if your website gets many visitors from all continents, it is better to set up shop in a number of those continents. This will make you rank better in their local searches as well.

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How secure is your server?

Shared hosts pose a threat of frequent DDoS attacks and DNS attacks. If you are on a private network, chances are, you are the only website using that server. You are the only one using the hard disks, the available technology and enjoying the security. To make sure, your website and your data is safe from hackers, go through the following checklist –

  • Is your host running the latest software version?
  • Does your company facilitate automated CMS updates?
  • Does your company patch old security issues like the kind seen last year with WordPress?
  • Does your company have brute force detection and prevention systems?
  • Does your company also have a web firewall?
  • Does your company use unique antivirus or antimalware protection systems?
  • Does your host have any backup plans for your data?
  • Does it offer disaster recovery plans? How much do they charge for a warm-site recovery of data?
  • What is the authentication system for granting access to the server?

Now, you must understand that website server is like any personal computer. Programs can crash, you can get malware threats, and other people will try to access it from time to time. The work of a good dedicated host is to prevent all of these possibilities and ensure the smooth operation of any website.

The hosting SEO package, your pick should have an active plan for downtime management. The admin should forge and run a monitoring system that keeps the uptime vs. downtime ratio. Above all, customer service should be mandatory. A good host company has a sound customer desk in place. You should be able to reach the help desk 24x7 via email, chat and phone calls. That is one more reason we advocate in-land server systems. If you are in Chandler and your host is operating out of China, chances are, you will be waking your admin up every time you call.

Choosing the right service takes much deliberation. Always consider their reputation, reviews and working hours before you sign on the dotted line.

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