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Skeuo What? An Interactive Infographic about Skeuomorphic Design

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“Metaphors are one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal as a presenter. In today's fast-paced world of communication, a well-thought-out metaphor acts as a shortcut to meaning.”
Bruna Martinuzzi

A wise man once said that a metaphor is poetry. Every day we dive into the world of digital poetry by interacting with software, web interfaces, etc. This new form of poetry has different names and one of them is skeuomorphism. Web designers keep arguing on the accuracy of this term usage in the field of web design, but there is an axiom which is beyond any doubt - skeuomorphic design makes it easier to interact with digital emulations by transforming it as the process of cultural heritage.

We would like to carry on the tradition of creating original interactive content. Ladies and Gents, with a great pleasure and enthusiasm we are proud to present you our latest Interactive Infographic about Skeuomorphic Design.

Of course, the main purpose of creating any infographic is delivering interesting and helpful stuff. So you may ask us, what useful information does this infographic contain? Here is a short summary of all points that you can find while browsing our infographic:

  • History of Skeuomorphism;
  • Types in Web Design;
  • Pros and Cons;
  • List of Free Skeuomorphic Textures;
  • Examples of First Skeuomorphic UI's;
  • Real life examples of Skeuomorphism;

The design concept reflects the main idea of skeuomorphism, which is in our particular case brining things from the real life to the web. So, we took things from reality and created their digital analogues. I'm sure that many of you have similar bookcase of a Victorian epoch filled with various "useful" things. The interactive means that you can easily click objects on the shelves. Don't forget to look at the TV screen where information will appear.

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