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Stock Images from DepositPhotos – New Offer at TemplateMonster

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Stock photography is all vividly-colored, expressive, and broadly appealing. This product has grown big and popular among our customers, so we decided to give it its own place on our website. From now on with a purchase of any template at TemplateMonster you can order a package of 15 stock images of your choice for your website from DepositPhotos.

This means that in addition to the stock images already included into your template design, you'll be able to download 15 more images out of an assortment of 4,500,000 items available at DepositPhotos. You can pick whichever image you like from small to high resolution versions.

With the scope of stock photo uses being so large, we've also made a poll about whether or not include stock photography offer at TemplateMonster. It turned out that people would highly appreciate the possibility to get extra stock photos for their professional purposes at some cost-efficient price. Now we give you exceptional quality at low cost. This offer is available for $14 for every customer who makes a purchase at our website. But if you feel you don't really need a template right now and just want to get the images offer separately, you can purchase 15 stock photos package from TemplateMonster for as low as $30.

But of course if you need a professional design for your project, we won't mind that at all! Go ahead and visit our templates gallery, choose a template you like the most and you'll be able to add the stock images pack from DepositPhotos to your cart and get it at a special discounted price. Don't miss this big chance!

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  1. That’s great! So, if I will buy the turn-key Facebook Template from TEMPLATE MONSTER – then I can also buy DEPOSIT PHOTOS at a discounted price of $15 for 15 photos of all sizes and resolutions?? But often high resolution photo sizes cost 2-3 times more money than their small sizes… SO, is this offer the way I’ve described it? Would appreciate the confirmation once again, thank you!!

    1. Yes Taty, if you purchase a template, you can additionally order DepositPhotos stock images package for just $14. The package will include 15 photos of whatever size or resolution you’ve chosen out of total collection of images on DepositPhotos.

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