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Make Your Back-end Stylish with TemplateMonster’s Bootstrap Dashboard Templates

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So, you already have a great website with a working admin panel. And yet, something tells you there’s a need to tweak the existing dashboard to make it look and feel better. There’s a common notion that the backend of a website doesn’t need to be fancy. Just because it’s a part that nobody sees. Well, except for the web developers or the content managers, of course.

The backend, known as the “server-side” is the core of a website. It’s responsible for the data storage and organization. It ensures that the things on the front-end work the way they should. By communicating with it, sending and receiving the information. The site visitors can fill out a contact form, enter a web address or buy something from your resource. That’s when the server-side works.

See, you just need a high-quality and rich in functionality Bootstrap dashboard design! Bootstrap 3 is a mobile-friendly framework offering extra widgets and components. It ensures that your admin panel will render well on all kinds of electronic gadgets. And don’t forget, that the administration part should be both professional and good-looking. This is why TemplateMonster’s design squad has created a batch of HTML dashboard templates. Let’s have a closer look at them!

Coloribus Admin Template

Colorlibus admin template is great for real life projects. It has a vibrant design and a variety of widgets. Also, it has various UI elements included. For example, admin forms and plugins will boost the functionality of your site.

There are analytics widgets handy for the monitoring needs. This template has clean and valid HTML5/CSS3 code. So, a professional designer  will make any desired modifications with ease. 100% responsive layout will help this Bootstrap admin dashboard render well on any screen.

Yazeed S.

Thanks a lot!

I choose the Colorlib Admin theme because all the necessary components were included. Great template! Thanks a lot!

Demo | More Info

Bluefire Admin Template

Bluefire dashboard example has a quite subtle color palette, unlike the previous one. This admin panel template will boost your website with lots of customization options. It has integrated admin forms feature. With it, you can embed custom form elements and widgets.

Also, a selection of page layouts is in the package!  What can be better for gearing up the website's back-end? Also, there’s a commenting feature and a chat. As for the analytics, you can track the site visitors and revenue. Just follow the stats shown in the form of diagrams.

brian g.


I could not have asked for a better match for my project. The quality, workmanship, the amount of features this template has goes way beyond what I was expecting to find. This template should be priced so much higher than it is. Great great work!!!

Demo | More Info

Rubikus Dashboard Admin Template

Rubikus is an excellent Bootstrap dashboard template. It will jazz up the backend development process. With “Top-notch” plugin, installation and customization become fast and easy. Also, Rubikus has a series of menu designs.

Feel free to choose from a bunch of page layouts. It has the “On-Off” variables featured. They allow switching off the unnecessary elements. And you can optimize the size of files! This cool Bootstrap based dashboard has an ultra responsive layout. So, it will adapt to any screen size and resolution.

Daniel I.

A very modern and beautiful admin theme for any web developer, love the way it looks and the libraries/scripts offered are exactly what I need to build a beautiful back-end.

Purchasing process was very easy and the price is more than correct for it. I recommend it gladly, it's worth it.

Demo | More Info

MonsterAdmin Dashboard Admin Template

MonsterAdmin Dashboard theme is the ultimate choice for your website. Five custom skins look like a great addition to this Bootstrap dashboard theme. Thanks to the thought-out design, it adapts to all kinds of projects.

A 100% responsive design ensures the perfect rendering of this Bootstrap admin theme. It doesn't matter if you use a handheld gadget or a desktop computer. Lots of menus and page layouts are in the package. So, you can customize the look and feel of this dashboard exactly the way you like.

For more information on this cool HTML dashboard template, watch the video down below:

Demarcus L.

I was originally drawn to this template for an internal project that I was working on for my organization. I wanted something that was usual and appealing at the same time and this template delivered in both departments. I bought the template the other day and am still working on it to deliver the information that I truly need, so far so good.

Demo | More Info

Bet, this review will be helpful in your search for an admin dashboard template for a real life web project. Choose with care and pay attention to all the details! You have to make sure that it will suit your website. On our blog, you can learn more about the functionalities of Bootstrap admin dashboard. These premium Bootstrap dashboard themes are worth trying! Delivered by TemplateMonster's design squad, these admin themes have a plenty of useful features. Check the live demos to test-drive their functionality! Choose only best bootstrap templates for your next successful online project!

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