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Success Stories from TemplateMonster Facebook Fans

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Successful business is what we are all looking for today. Your way to success might be a long and tedious, but it is quite possible to make it easier. And it’s exactly what we are here for. We are happy that our templates have become a special tool to shorten the path to success for so many of our customers and their businesses.

Some success stories we’d like to share today were submitted at our Facebook page testimonials section that offers all our Facebook fans an easy and quick way to share their experience and thoughts about our templates, support services and many other things like this.

Template Monster templates helped Chris Holtzlander to establish a successful and quickly growing business:

When the economy started going under and a couple of companies I worked for closed their doors without notice, I decided it was time to make a change in my life and learn a new trade. I took on web development and design with very little knowledge in the field. I knew this would be a smart move because now a days every business needs a website. I was not much on the design stuff myself and that's when I started searching the web for companies that supplied website templates that I could work off of and manipulate into my own designs. I also searched easy ways to make websites and manage the content without the knowledge of code and found Joomla! and WordPress, which were the two most popular out there (I prefer Joomla!). When I put one and one together I created a business. I wanted a little more "White label" when it came to the design stuff so I joined the Template Monster Affiliate Program. It took a little more learning on my part, but after a couple of years of educating myself with Template Monster's Live Chat Professionals and their videos (also lots of forums and Youtube) I have a very successful business that I don't have to rely on anyone else to write my check. Being a natural salesman and a person who strives to learn along with the combination of Template Monster and their forever populating database of templates, I am able to serve and company in any industry. Just want to give a special thanks to the Template Monster team for great looking templates and ever so special support team for the extra knowledge when I knew nothing about this industry. You guys have honestly helped me establish a successful and forever growing business! Thanks again!

And Gary Casperson can’t even imagine his business without our templates: rules! Not just for the obvious reasons of the ever increasing selection of quality designs backed by personalized customer support. Not even for the ease of use, low prices or the time savings gained. All these are the foundation that has produced a veritable "Portal' that allows my customers to simply browse through and find the template that makes their 'mental image' of their new site a tangible reality well beyond what they could ever verbally describe! Without Template Monster my business would not be what it is today! Thank you Template Monster!

Our templates are an endless source of inspiration for most of our clients and it’s another thing they like about us:

Alex Alvarez:

TM is my first stop for inspiration whenever I build a new website template. When pressed for time or when I deal with clients who find it difficult to make up their minds, I save time and effort by simply letting them choose a design on their own.

Yoram Kaldes:

Template monster is Easy, fast and so creative that it inspire my creativity in other areas. Before starting with Template Monster I was concern what kind of support it will be, I was pleased with the fast and easy instructions.I'll keep buying templates from Template Monster.

Noah Holland:

I love you guys! you have absolutely been wonderful to me from tech support, customer service, email responses, purchases, and of course your resources of templates is perfect for anyone one needing a professional website at an affordable price. your templates and inspirations have made my schooling for web design & development just that much more enjoyable... Thanks! & Best Wishes.

And at the end of this post we’d like to mention some words from a testimonial by Tapiwa Shrek Mavhunga:

Good service begins by showing your customers that you care and that's what I like about TemplateMonster, they care for all their clients.

Thank you so much, Tapiwa and the rest of the friends! We do care about our customers and we will work hard to offer you the best design and the best support service!

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