Why do companies offer freebies to users? It doesn’t make any sense, at first sight, the firms don’t get any profit from it, do they? Isn’t it better to sell the stuff the company gives for free?

Nope, that is not better. There are several reasons to offer freebies to customers. First of all – every big company started by a single person that had a little budget. People who use free stuff at first – grow up their business and start using premium products. Secondly, freebies are really good for promotion. People, who liked the design may further come to buy a premium version. Thirdly, a lot of people would like to test the product before buying it. Freebies are the best way to try if the product is really as cool as the company tells about it.

Here you will find the best possible freebies that have almost all the features paid versions to have. You can use them for educational or personal purposes. Freebies, offered by other companies (not TemplateMonster) could have additional conditions, so check that before using them.

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